Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bommerscheim Buddies Washable Stuffed Animals

Christmas is around the corner and if you are like me, you are probably still scrambling to find gifts for the children on your list. I have never been a fan of stuffed animals because they get dirty and are hard to wash and get clean again but that is all about to change thanks to the genius idea behind Bommerscheim Buddies. Bommerscheim Buddies was started three generations ago by two sisters who hand-sewed a plush long-eared Buddie for each of their babies. In addition, the Buddies came with removable and washable covers!!! That, my friend, is genius, especially for those children who have stuffed animals that they are attached too. You can purchase different covers or duplicate covers so when one needs washed, you can quickly and effortlessly stuff the "body" into a clean cover and your tot will never know anything different. BRILLIANT! Each classic design is sewn in Indiana, right here in the USA! 

You can find your own Bommerscheim Buddie at where you can choose from over two dozen patterns. For those tots who prefer blankies over stuffed animals, they also offer six matching patterned blankets to go with their Buddie! New this month are also six Ittie Bittie Buddies that are perfect for little hands. I know some little one's who would love all three! 

Our little guy loves stuffed animals but for reasons that I mentioned above, I am not a fan. That was until our own Buddie showed up. Our 3 year old immediately loved his new Buddie. Our boys all love the outdoors so when I saw the camouflage collection, I knew we had to have this one! 

I never imagined something so simple could bring so much joy to a child but our youngest son absolutely loves his Bommerscheim Buddie. He named him Greenie and he goes everywhere that we go. He even has to go into the suitcase to visit Grandma! And since Greenie gets pulled all around the house and outdoors, when he needs a wash all we have to do is pop the cover into the washing machine and he is as good as new. We even have a second cover to put on him to "keep him warm" while his other cover is being washed. 

If you are tired of searching for the perfect toys for your children this holiday season, look no further. I cannot imagine any tot being disappointed with a Bommerscheim Buddie of his/her own to love. 

*Product was sent to us at no cost to help facilitate this review. All opinions belong solely to us*


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