Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guest Post: Should You Invest in Copper Cookware

For anyone who enjoys cooking and wants their food cooked to perfection every time, copper cookware can be very enticing. It looks beautiful, feels solid and is a sure sign of a serious and exacting chef.  

Here we list some of the advantages of investing in this type of cookware (including saucepans, braisers, stockpots and casseroles) to help you to decide whether to buy from exclusive designers like Mauviel or Ruffoni.

It is beautiful to look at and gives an opulent touch to your kitchen – too good to hide away in a cupboard theyshould be hung up on display. You will notice that most professional chefs have copper cookware displayed behind them and that they use them when demonstrating more complex dishes.

They are sturdy enough to balance easily on a hob yet light enough to lift one-handed.

Copper conducts heat very well, ensuring that your ingredients all receive an even distribution of warmth. It responds very quickly to changes in applied temperature, so if you turn down the heat on your hob then you know that the heat will very quickly reduce inside the pan, making recipes easier to follow with greater accuracy.

Ruffoni is handcrafted in Italy using solid copper whilst Mauviel has been producing heavy-gauge copper pans for nearly 200 years. Both can be found in the kitchens of enthusiastic and passionate beginner chefs, gourmets and leading restaurants. By choosing individual items you can tailor your cookware set to suit your cooking style and needs exactly, though a complete set does add a professional look to a kitchen.
Take your time in selecting the make and style of your copper cookware and make sure you set aside the time to properly care for it and your investment will pay dividends in longevity and perfectly-cooked food every time.


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