Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Christmas Web Family Tradition

I am all about making Christmas magical for my children and I am always on the hunt for new ways to make Christmas morning memorable. Our children are getting older so it's getting harder to find things that make them excited about Christmas but one thing we are super excited about this year is The Christmas Web

The day after Thanksgiving in 1992, the Grinkmeyer family introduced the Christmas Web into their home with the placement of Magic Wands into the socks that had been hung from the fireplace mantel for years. Attached to each wand was a piece of yarn. When their 2 teenage children came down on Christmas morning, they found the yarn wound through the house, around window latches, door knobs, chairs and doors. It ended in a closet or cabinet that held their special Christmas gift from one of Santa's elves, an elf who had been looking out for them for the past year and knew of their desire for this special Christmas gift. 

 I can only imagine what my children's faces will look like this Christmas when they wake up to see our own Christmas Web. I am so excited about it, maybe even more than my four children. 

Watch the video below to see The Christmas Web in action!

Visit ChristmasWeb.Com to start The Christmas Web tradition in your own home!  


One lucky winner is going to win a Christmas Web of their own! 


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