Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cute Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids: I Mustache You a Question

I mustache you a question.........are you all ready for Valentine's Day?! Chances are, you are still contemplating what kind of cards to get for the kids this year to pass out at school. You could always go get a box of pre-made cards or you can even get some of the great candy Valentine's that are out right now but for  me, nothing takes the place of homemade Valentine's Day cards. I wanted to share our mustache Valentine's from last year because they turned out so daggone cute and they were a HUGE hit with the kids at school. Now, I must warn you. This was a multi-step project. You do not have to do everything that we did but here is how we did it. Oh, and don't forget treats! We have a recipe for a super easy and yummy Valentine's Day Treat that everyone will love!  Who doesn't love popcorn? Yum! 

1. We made t-shirts that said "I Mustache You, Will You be my Valentine?" We then took a picture and used this picture to make personalized photo cards. You can print these out yourself or have them professionally printed somewhere like Walmart or Rite Aid. 

2. Next, we took popsicle sticks and added a mustache to each of them. We found mustache stickers and attached these to cardboard to make them stronger and then attached them to the sticks with a little glue. 

3. We stuck one of these mustache sticks in each Valentine Card so when the kids at school opened them, they all had their own and we were able to do some super cute pictures with them! The kids LOVED their mustaches! 

Totally. Adorbs. Now I mustache you to have a Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. Thise are really cute. the mustache is a really cool idea!


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