Thursday, January 2, 2014

Klee Girls and Luna Star Naturals Makeup for Girls

Most little girls get into Mom's makeup when they are young but deciding on the appropriate age to actually allow your daughter to wear makeup can be a tough call. Personally I want to keep my daughter a little girl as long as I can but as she hits the tween years, I know she is going to want to start experimenting with makeup of her own. This is why I am so excited to introduce Klee Girls and Luna Star Naturals to you today. These award winning collections of non-toxic, hypoallergenic mineral makeup provide girls with a safe, healthy alternative to regular makeup. Using only natural ingredients, swearing off parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and artificial colors which are commonly found in play makeup, these products are perfect for young girls of all ages. 

Luna Star Naturals is a play line of pretend play makeup for girls aged 3 years and up and is perfect for dress up and imaginative play. This makeup would be awesome for sleepovers and costume parties too! 

Klee Girls is intended for girls aged 8-14 who want to wear makeup but without all of the chemicals found in traditional makeup. Our daughter is 10 now and loves to put makeup up on but I am very uncomfortable letting her wear makeup from the store because I know it's not good for her sensitive face. This is a huge reason why I love the Klee Girls line! 

We received the 7 piece Up & Away Kit and our daughter was so excited when she received it. I think the best part for her was that it was just like real makeup only she had no idea that it was a much healthier alternative which was what made her Daddy and I so happy. A lot of the makeup on today's market for little girls doesn't show up or you have to use a ton of it to see it on your face but this is NOT the case with Klee Girls. Very little goes a long way. 

Visit LunaStarNaturals.Com to check out all of their fabulous products for the special little girl in your life.


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