Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Hitting Theaters on March 7, 2014! #MrPeabody

20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animation has done it again with another awesome children's movie that is coming soon to a theater near you. Mr. Peabody & Sherman is set to hit theaters everywhere on March 7, 2014 and we could not be more excited! Mr. Peabody, the most accomplished dog in the world and his mischievous boy, Sherman, use their time machine to go on outrageous adventures. When Sherman takes the WABAC out for a joyride to impress his friend Penny, they rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc on the most important events in world history. Before they forever change the past, present and future, Mr. Peabody must come to their rescue, facing the most daunting challenge of any era: parenting! Together the time traveling trio will make their mark on history. 

Watch the trailer below! 


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