Monday, January 13, 2014

Ways to Improve Your Backyard

If you are addicted to the home improvement shows on television, you will be overflowing with ideas that can enhance and improve your backyard. There are many things you can do whatever the size of your budget. Any improvement to your home will add value and will bring joy to those who live there. Even guests will benefit from your backyard makeover! It doesn’t matter what the size of your backyard is, improvements can be done to both small and large backyards.

Create Privacy

If you don’t want neighbours looking into your backyard, you can put up a privacy screen or grow thick dense foliage. Privacy screens are no longer just the lattice variety. You can get aluminium slats, laser cut panels or textured concrete lookalike panels which can painted in bright contrast or natural colours.  Even just a private corner can create an intimate space where you can sit in peace to read a book or just to have some time out.

Install a deck

A deck can be a destination, depending on what you want to use it for. A deck can separate a specific area by turning it into a nook suitable for sitting and enjoying a drink. You can build a deck at ground level or raise it up a bit. It can be covered with a pergola or left uncovered and edged with plants in large rectangular container pots. A deck can impact on your backyard and become a focal point.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If you love entertaining and dining outdoors, why not create an outdoor kitchen. Build and line a pergola type structure. Fit it out as a kitchenette complete with sink, bench tops and a microwave. You can still retain the use of a full size barbecue outside. Have a qualified electrician install electrical power points, a smoke alarm and light fittings. You can also make space in your outdoor kitchen for a small refrigerator.

A blank concrete slab

If this is what you have in your backyard, try changing it. You can cover it with textured paint in natural colours; add an outdoor setting with a shady umbrella; furnish with waterproof outdoor furniture and decorate with container plants.

Make sure to have a shady spot

A shady or waterproof spot will shelter you from the harsh heat in the summer months and still be a useable space during inclement weather. It will also protect your outdoor furnishings and décor. If using large trees for shade make sure they don’t affect the drainage in your yard or your underground drainpipes. No matter where you live, a patch of shade will bring ambience to your outdoor living area.

Backyards only need some oversized pots with plants and an updated outdoor setting with shade to give a vastly improved look.  If you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool, make sure to keep your pool clean and sparkling. A green sludgy swimming pool will drag the look of your backyard down immediately. At you will find all you need for swimming pool maintenance.


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