Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gun Safety in the Home

For as long as I can remember, my husband has bothered me to get a gun to keep in our home. With four small children, the thought terrified me and I just couldn't do it. As time went on, our small community started seeing crime rise and a time came when I finally agreed to a handgun. While I still had fears about it, the security of having one outweighed my arguments as to why I didn't want to have one in our home. 

Owning a gun can be a great way to protect one's personal property and have a greater sense of security. However, if not stored properly, guns can create a huge amount of danger. This is especially true in households where children are present. All it takes is a few seconds for a child to gain access to an unsecured gun, and the results can be catastrophic. For this reason, all gun owners should have at least one gun safe in the house where firearms can be securely locked away at all times. This can essentially eliminate the risk of an unwanted person gaining access to any of the guns in the home. Many lives could be saved each year if only every gun owner had the sense to own and use a gun safe.

There are many different styles of gun safes that gun owners can consider as a way of making their homes safer places while still keeping their guns within easy reach if needed. These days, one of the most popular types of gun safe is the fingerprint ID safe. This allows the owner to program fingerprints of authorized users into the safe as a way of giving them access to its contents. Once a matching fingerprint is scanned and verified by the built-in computer chip, the safe opens and the gun can be obtained. There is no need to carry around a key or to memorize a pin number.

For those who would prefer something a little less technologically advanced and more traditional, basic lock-and-key safes and combination-lock safes are also available. These safes have a master key that can be tucked away in a secure location to open the safe as needed. Some also have a combination lock built in so that, in the event that a gun is needed and the key is not nearby, the user can still open the safe by using the code. All of these safes come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate anything from a small revolver to a large shotgun.

Responsible gun owners thinking about shopping for gun safes online in the near future should begin by determining what type and size of safe is ideal for them. From there, they can begin shopping around online for the best deals. There are many sites to explore, with being one of many that may be worth looking into.


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