Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Removing Odor and Mold from Your Home with Ozone Shock Treatment

Keeping my family safe is my main priority in life. Years ago when we first moved back to our hometown to raise our family, we lived in a small home just outside of town. I started seeing evidence of mold in the home so I purchased a mold testing kit and when the results were ready, I was so sick to my stomach. We had a huge mold issue. With 3 small children at the time, I knew we needed to act fast but I had no idea how we were going to tackle this huge problem. 

There are many different ways to remove odors and mold from homes. One of the most effective is O3 generator shock treatment. Shock treatments using O3, more frequently called ozone, are potent eliminators of various kinds of odors. Shock treatment works by flooding a space with a high volume of ozone. This allows the ozone to bind to odor-causing chemicals and starve mold of oxygen. These combined factors take odor-causing chemicals out of the air and kill mold.

The first advantage of shock treatment is that it is quick. Most other effective odor treatment methods involve replacing chemical canisters or other devices repeatedly over a long period of time. Shock treatment only needs to be performed once, or once intermittently if odors return as a result of how a space is use. This makes it more efficient.

This also makes it viable for clearing odors out of a property for sale or some other purpose. Most odor-reducing technologies cover odors in lieu of neutralizing them. Actual neutralization of odors and mold allows you to restore a property to a healthy status, rendering it inhabitable and safe as it might not have been previously. It can be a major boon for individuals with respiratory issues.

The only downside of shock treatment is the requirement that everyone evacuate the space for treatment. Shock treatment relies on lethal levels of ozone to do the job, so you can't have anyone present and inhaling the atmosphere while the shock treatment is underway, and for some time afterward.


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