Monday, March 31, 2014

Benefits of Ecigs

My husband and I have been married for 13 years and he has been a smoker since the day I met him. Over the course of our marriage he has made many unsuccessful attempts to quit but after a short time, he always seemed to pick the nasty habit back up again. Last month, right before Valentine's Day, he decided that instead of quitting smoking, he was going to go a different route and he purchased his very first Electronic cigarette. On February 13th, he officially lit his last Marlboro and hasn't picked up one since. 

I was really skeptical when he bought the Ecig but I quickly found that it was a great alternative for him rather than smoking actual cigarettes. Below you will find some of the benefits that I have seen in him making the switch.

*Smell. Let's face it. Cigarettes stink. They make your clothes stink. They make your skin stink. They just stink! We do not have this issue with the Ecigs. When my husband smoked regular cigarettes, I often times would wash his clothes separately from the rest of ours because his were so stinky. I don't have to do this anymore! 

*Whiter Teeth. In the month that my husband made the switch to Electronic cigarettes, I notice a huge difference in the color of his teeth. They are getting whiter every day. 

*Better breath. There was nothing worse than when my husband would come in after a long day of work and I would welcome him with a kiss while trying to hold my breath because all I could smell on his breath was stinky cigarettes. 

*Cost. The initial investment my husband made into his Ecig was around $150. It paid for itself in just a couple of weeks. The fluid that he buys for his Ecig costs around $15 and is equal to 10 cartons of cigarettes. That is a HUGE amount of savings and has been enough that we have actually seen a difference in our bank account. He was paying nearly $6/pack for regular cigarettes every single day so this is a huge savings for us. 

*Convenience. My husband has a very demanding job that does not always allow him to step outside for a smoke break like some of the other employees where he works. He can carry his Ecig in his pocket and grab it out whenever he wants to at work without having to waste time going outside and taking long breaks that he doesn't have time for. We also don't have to make frequent stops when traveling with our children anymore so my husband can smoke which I personally appreciate a ton! 

There are Ecig shops popping up all over the place right now. You can also visit places like where you can enroll in programs for auto ship so you can make sure you never run out of supplies. I was very skeptical when my husband said he was going to make the switch but here we are nearly 6 weeks later and even the slightest smell of a regular cigarette makes him scrunch his nose. I would venture to say our entire family appreciates his effort to make the switch! 


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