Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dirt Cheap Signs

If you have been paying attention to educational news across the country, you are probably well aware that we are in the middle of what is probably the biggest battle our generation has ever seen with Common Core. We are fighting it in our local area here in Ohio the best we can by having speakers come and by regularly calling our legislators but several weeks ago we decided we needed more ways to get the word out so we decided to invest in some Common Core Yard Signs! I literally searched the internet for days trying to find the best place to order because I knew once people seen them, we would have a huge demand for them (and I was right!) and I am so happy to have come across DirtCheapSigns.Com!

I was able to custom design the perfect sign at Dirt Cheap Signs in less than 15 minutes. They have so many options available and you can choose from pre-made signs your you can create your own custom design from scratch. You can choose from various sizes and you get the option to have your sign printed on one side or two. We went with the 2-sided design and could not have been more thrilled when they arrived. They are PERFECT and just what we needed! They are nice and sturdy and the stakes we ordered to go along with the signs were perfect. 

In addition to the great sign, I have to put it out there that their customer service is world class. They have a quick turnaround time on orders but I was late on placing the order and I quickly realized we weren't going to be able to get them in time for our big event that we wanted them for. I made a phone call and I was able to have my order rushed and they arrived just on time for our event. 

We have gotten rave reviews on our yard signs from Dirt Cheap Signs! They are so popular that people driving by have literally stopped to knock on my front door to ask me where I got my sign. I have had phone calls and emails from people all over Ohio asking me where I got my sign and how they can get one too. That is awesome! Even better, when I logged into my account to get another order ready to place, I was able to just click the reorder button and my design and everything was right there ready to order! 

Yard signs are such a great way to send a message to the public on where you stand on an issue or to show support for someone or something. They are also great for yard sales, real estate and to promote businesses! The next time you are looking to get the word out, check out! 

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