Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Step by Step Garage Makeover Made Easy

Garages have a rustic charm all their own. If your diamond in the rough is a cluttered jumble of awkward items, this makeover primer is for you. Increase your garage's appeal with a few great products available online at stores like Garage Appeal.

To make logic out of a disarrayed mess, you will need to do a little heavy lifting. Separate your stuff into three piles.

One pile is junk destined for the garbage can
The next pile will be perfect for a garage sale
The last pile is for things you wish to donate. Do not forget donations are tax deductible

Do not spend too long sorting out your piles. If you have not used it in years, toss it. If you have more than one of something, sell it. If you have gotten a lot out of it, but want a new one, donate it.

Define the Garage's Uses

Once you have cleared out many of the excess items, you will begin to see an idea form. If you have a pile of flowerpots and gardening tools, define a gardening zone within the garage. Crafters may envision a spot for a craft table and organized supplies. Handy people will want to keep a part of the garage for tools and a workbench. When you have a clear idea of what you wish to use the garage for, besides parking, you will have a guide for your next steps.

Create a Place for Everything

It can be fun to put your things away when the garage is well ordered, and there is a place for everything. Clean and paint the floor, walls and surfaces. A clean garage floor will do wonders for your outlook. Tile flooring, modular floors, or roll-out flooring make a perfect foundation for the makeover. If you have a charming wood framed garage, you may wish to keep the walls natural wood. Use vertical wall space for hanging up bulky tools or items you use a lot. Pegboards, adjustable tracks, and cabinets are an excellent way to make those walls work for you. Do not overlook the ceiling. Overhead storage racks are useful for those items you use once a year or so, and your floors will be clear for better purposes. Finally, remember to install good lighting. A dingy garage is immediately brightened when proper lighting is in place at task locations and overhead.

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