Monday, April 28, 2014

Creatively Advertising Your Brand

I am in the business of helping companies raise brand awareness so I am always on the lookout for creative ways for companies to be seen. There are many things companies can do to increase brand awareness. One of the easiest and automated ways to promote your brand is to imprint it on your printed and promotional materials. From business cards to letterhead to tote bags, there is always a spot available to add your company name and logo to. But have you given some thought to branding the little things, such as the packing tape you use in your warehouse? Packing tape is an essential that you'll always have on hand, so why not have it personalized to reflect your company? Custom printed packing tape is an innovative way to impress upon others your name and logo, and it's also inexpensive as well as efficient.

Depending on the type of packing tape you use for sealing packages, you may only have enough room based on the width of the strip to add your company name, as well as a small version of your company's logo. But if you use larger tape, or don't mind having your message read lengthwise, consider adding your company's slogan, URL, and even your phone number. But more than anything else, the focus should be on your company name and logo, as these are the most important visual components of your company that you will want to reinforce.

When creating a design for your tape, keep in mind that most tape is transparent, so the packaging it is placed on -- cardboard in most cases -- will shine through. If your company uses brown cardboard boxes, then your printed tape design should utilize bright colors, or solid whites outlined in darker colors. But if your company uses white boxes, you'll want to use contrasting colors - primary colors, grays, and blacks. Consider paying extra to have tape that is more opaque in order to ensure that your design shines through.

When ordering custom rolls of tape, consider ordering different sizes. Choose smaller width tapes to seal envelopes, and larger widths for packages. You can also order stickers and labels that have your company's name and logo on them, and use these to mark boxes that are fragile, heavy, contain food, etc. Companies can greatly increase brand awareness by making simple changes that give big results. 


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