Monday, April 28, 2014

Workers' Compensation Claims and Benefits

People in the United States workplace must know all of their rights. Under U.S. law, each employee has the right to receive compensation for specific injuries that are sustained on a job site or as a direct result of employment. Employers cannot refuse to pay for any medical bills and other expenses arising from the injuries related to employment. In fact, workers' compensation is a type of federal and state program aimed at protecting employees. 

A qualified attorney specializing in this field of law should be hired when trying to file claims with an employer and other government agencies such as social security. However, it is important to make a clear distinction between disability insurance and workers' compensation. Under law, all employers must pay for the insurance coverage of workers' compensation. By contrast, disability benefits come out directly from the pockets of taxpayers rather than employers. 

There is a variety of reasons that could be considered acceptable for workers' compensation benefits. Physical injury from heavy lifting and straining is a very common reason for problems in the workplace. Repetitive stress is also responsible for putting people out of work. For instance, some jobs may create arthritis and other chronic inflammation in the joints and muscles due to prolonged tasks involving the same motions. Workers can also get injured from exposure to hazardous chemicals in gas, solid and liquid form. Breathing toxic air is also a major cause of illnesses in workers. 

When an injury from work is severe, employees have the right to stop working and demand the appropriate compensation. Employers are not allowed to terminate workers based on injuries sustained at a job. State law punishes any bosses and managers who retaliate against employees that get injured and file for compensation benefits. 

Workers' compensation may be used to pay for major medical expenses including all diagnostic tests and analysis. An Iowa personal injury lawyer is an example of a legal professional that can take on workers' compensation cases. Monthly checks can be mailed out to injured workers that can prove any injuries resulting from the workplace. A qualified injury attorney can file the proper paperwork to help clients receive benefits. An employer must follow all legal protocol when workers' compensation is filed. Failure to follow the standard procedures for processing claims may result in heavy fines and closure of a business that has caused injuries to hard working individuals.


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