Thursday, August 28, 2014

Deck by Sol Republic: Live Life Loud

Around here we absolutely love music. On almost any day you can walk into our house and someone in the house has music cranked up jamming. With 4 children, my husband and I don't go out too much so you can generally find us chilling in the back yard in the evenings, talking and of course listening to our favorite tunes. We have had a lot of wireless speakers but none have came anywhere close to Deck by Sol Republic

*360 degree sound, anywhere in the room

*Super power wireless-Up to 10x the standard range

*Outdoor mode so you can take your party outside

*NFC or Bluetooth Pairing

*Heist mode where over 5 friends can take control of the music

I cannot say enough good things about the Deck wireless speaker. My absolute favorite feature is the Heist Mode. My husband and I have completely different tastes in music so when we are hanging out and listening to our favorite music, we both have the power to control what we listen to. My husband can listen to his music for awhile but when I get tired of listening to his tunes, I can take control with my device and play my music too! 

One of the most impressive features we have found is the distance we can actually get away from the speaker and still hear it and control it. If I have the speaker in one room of my house, I can go to the basement or any other part of the house and I can still hear the music and it still works from my iPhone even if the two are nowhere near each other. This is the big difference that I have found from other wireless speakers. In most instances, if I walk too far away from a normal wireless speaker, they will no longer be connected because I have gone out of range. With the Deck, I can go wherever I need to go in my house or even outside and my device and the speaker will remain paired! 

This is a MUST HAVE for any college student this Fall. Perfect for the dorm room or any party, the Deck is the perfect option for every college student. 

Check it out in action!

If you love music, the Sol Deck is a product you DON'T want to pass up! Seriously. Grab one up today. You won't regret it! 

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