Friday, November 14, 2014

10 Ways to Show Her You Still Care

My husband and I just celebrated 14 years of being married last month and it brought up a great conversation with friends and family on how we have managed to stay in love all of these years. I can honestly hasn't been easy! It has taken a lot of patience, forgiveness and communication and a lot of work on both of our parts. Below are some of the little things that my husband has done for me over the years to show me he still cares! 

1.) If you want to keep her, treat her like you are still trying to win her! Small gestures to show you care go a long way. Pick up her favorite candy on your way home from work or find a place with cheap flower delivery

2.) Tell her you love her. Far too often we assume our loved one's know we love them but it's still nice to hear every now and again. 

3,) Show her affection. Hold her hand. Hug her. Kiss her. Make her FEEL loved.

4.)  Listen to her when she talks. Let her know that you care about what she has to say.

5.) Let her pick the movie. Let's face it. I know you don't want to watch romance movies but how happy would it make her to let her know you are willing to watch something just because she is?

6.) Leave a love note for her before you leave for work or somewhere she will find it later. 

7.) Cook dinner for her every once in awhile. Plan it ahead of time and let her know she has the night off.

8.) Help her out with the chores if she is the one who normally does the housework. Surprise her with a clean house when she comes home or get up early on the weekend and do it before she gets up.

9.) Help out with the kids. Nothing makes me love my husband more than when he helps out with our 4 children. Whether he is helping me get kids get to their sports practices or helping our 4 year old get dressed, nothing makes me happier than when my husband takes an active role with our children.

10.) Love unconditionally, apologize when you are wrong and forgive even when it's hard. 

Relationships take a lot of work. Don't think that once you get married, you get to stop doing all of the things you did before when you were just dating. Take her out and treat her the same as you did when you were courting. Don't ever stop doing the small things because in the end, these are the things that matter. 


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