Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Data Manager App

With 4 smartphones in our house, we have a serious issue with data. Over the past several months our usage has continued to climb without any explanation. Last month, my husband and our two tween children used nearly 60GB of data which resulted in us having to increase our data plan not once but twice throughout the month. The worst part was, we could not pinpoint where the increase came from. All we could see was that each one of us had used more than the month before with our 2 children using more than double the data than my husband and I. It was kind of ironic that in the midst of this dilemma, we were introduced to the new app, My Data Manager, by Mobidia Technology.

My Data Manager offers a simple way to analyze data usage by offering real time monitoring of personal data usage. Users are able to view data usage for Roaming, Wifi and Home allowing users to see where they are using the most data and when. 

One of the most useful features I have found aside from the easy to read graphs and summaries is the alarm. You can set your data limit and as you get close to reaching that limit, it will let you know. If you are on Android, you will finally be able to see which apps have been eating up all of your data! You can even track the entire family through this one simple app which is going to be so useful to us to be able to see where our kids are using so much data!

If you have been considering a smart phone or other device for a child for Christmas, this is a great resource to use to help them keep data usage under control. Download it free today! http://www.mydatamanagerapp.com 


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