Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Design Trends For Building Your New Home

Like most things in life, house design goes through phases, with fads and looks that come and go. Just consider the chocolate brick fascination of the early 1980s, the weatherboard fixation of the ‘50s, or the brutal concrete of the ‘70s. Well, the good news is 2015 is a little more forward-thinking, with a focus on smart design that will endure well into the future while also being eco-friendly. Here are some design trends likely to be seen in the coming year. 
Smaller Houses, Smarter Design

Land availability is in a current state of flux with new areas opening up and being bought out rapidly. However, the general expansion of cities has resulted in homes typically taking up less space. For those looking to build, that means focusing on smaller houses with smarter design. Features to look out for include clever storage and study nooks that intelligently utilise space. It's worth visiting the display homes of leading home builders, such as Coral Homes, to see some examples of how contemporary home designs are doing more with less. 
Environmentally Friendly

No longer is environmentally friendly design solely for the rich and architects. It's now mainstream to ensure your property is energy-efficient and includes environmentally friendly features. More and more, designs are incorporating water tanks, solar panels, and insulation as we seek to harness the power of nature to make living easier on our environment and on our wallets. 
Multigenerational Living

Now, more than ever, home design is looking to the future during construction and this includes a focus on family needs. It is predicted that, in the next 10-20 years, more of us will be living in multi-generational homes that include older kids and ageing parents. Design is focused on ensuring these multi-generational needs are met with suitable living spaces and subtly separated sleeping zones. 
Open Plan

Open plan is set to stay in a nod to our busy lifestyles, where socialising, leisure, entertaining and outdoor living blend seamlessly in a functional and uncluttered space. That means dining rooms will continue to flow into lounge areas and kitchens in a combined space where most of the day-to-day interactions of family life will unfold. 
Kitchen at the Heart of the Home

As in previous years, the kitchen will be at the heart of the open plan home, remaining the site that the house revolves around. In design terms, this means the kitchen will overlook key living areas, while sleeping areas for home occupants may be separated by this central point. Functionally, this will provide the perfect space for entertaining and overseeing family life. This is also a nod to the importance being placed on food preparation in the modern world, with an increasing focus on where food comes from and how it is made.
Like anything, home design is subject to trends that emerge and fade, but the secret to good design is ensuring the needs of the future are considered. This will keep your home current and comfortable in the years beyond 2015.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one Sarah! Yes I do agree that having an eco and environmentally friendly home design is not only for rich and architects (Nowadays). I think middle class family ca afford it right now. I would like to try the tips you shared here on our new unit at Foresque Residences Thanks for sharing this new design trends about 2015. Hope that me and my wife will be able to do some of it.


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