Monday, January 26, 2015

What Is Your Germ Alter Ego?!

I am not going to lie, I have been a hot mess this winter. As soon as cold and flu season hit back in November, I turned into a crazy germaphobe. With 4 children plus myself being pregnant, we fall into the high risk category for complications from influenza so I was taking no chances this year. Lysol has been a staple in our house for many years but especially this year as we do our best to avoid all of the bugs going around. 

I was recently sent some Lysol products and a funny graphic showing all of the different Germ Alter Egos that Moms have and after careful consideration, I believe we could be a little bit of all 4 but mostly the Avoidenator. I do my best to limit our visits to public places mostly after a quick trip to the grocery left me disgusted at one of the employees who was sick and running a checkout! 

I appreciate the products that I received from Lysol and they will definitely help us get through the rest of flu season. I am most excited about the Lysol Disinfectant Spray To Go that I can carry in my purse and use on things like cart handles and in the bathroom while I am out and about. I already use the Lysol wipes on most surfaces in our home, especially door handles and areas that get touched a lot. We have also encouraged our kids to wash their hands more often. They take small hand sanitizers to school to use throughout the day and wash their hands a lot more at home. Take a look above and see which Germ Alter Ego you have and see what the solution is! 

*Thanks to Lysol for sending us samples and the info for this post. All opinions are our own* 


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