Monday, September 21, 2015

Award Winning Baby Essentials from

Having five children over the last 13 years has been a great experience because we have been able to watch the market for baby and children's gear grow with each child. I am so impressed with the products that are available on today's market with our latest addition vs with our first child 13 years ago and the innovation continues to grow. is one of those companies that is blazing a new trail in innovative baby essentials and we were excited to have the chance to check out a couple of their feeding products. 

It's hard to believe that right around the corner, our baby will already be eating solids. It seems like she was just born and now we are preparing for her to start eating baby food. The Fresh Food Feederfrom is one product that we are really looking forward to using. These are awesome to get baby used to new tastes and textures while allowing them to enjoy FRESH foods. The handle is made perfectly for little hands to hold and the entire thing is BPA free. The fresh food feeder comes with 2 extra mesh bags which is a huge plus so you don't have to purchase additional feeders. Just this one will do and it's less than $8! It's also dishwasher safe which is always a plus. 

These are also perfect for teething if your baby isn't eating solids yet. You can pop a couple ice cubes made out of breast milk or water into these feeders and baby gets relief and a cool treat. Win win!

The other product that we received is their awesome Travel Bib and Spoon! I can remember with my other kids that I would always take containers of baby food and then I would have a sandwich baggy that would hold spoons. The Travel bib and spoon is an all in one product that eliminates the need for a plastic baggy. After baby eats, everything rolls up into the pouch and then zips closed. All messes are contained until you get home where you can wash it out and get it ready to use again. Genius! 

In addition to the two products we received, also has a great new line of Neon Sippy Cups. They are dishwasher safe, spill proof and come with easy to grip handles and a weighted straw so that baby can drink no matter how the cup is tilted. Super cool. is an Australian company that was founded in 2007. Their award winning collection includes the Essentials Sippy Cup, Diaper Wallet, Baby Bottle and Dispenser, Diaper Caddy, Travel Bib and Flexible Spoon, Snack Pack, Mesh Feeder and Baby Spoon. For more info on any of these products, visit 


One lucky reader is going to win their own Neon Sippy Cup from!

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