Thursday, October 1, 2015

Guest Post: Remodeling Without Breaking the Lease

We are addicted to home improvements so luckily we own our own home and don't have to answer to anyone for any of the work we do. It hasn't always been this way for us though. We used to rent and it would drive me crazy because we couldn't do anything without permission so I never really felt like those houses were our home. We did get lucky a few times and had homeowners who allowed us to paint but for the most part we thought our hands were tied. If you live in an apartment, you might be concerned about changing some of the things in the home but there are a few ways you can consider apartment remodeling in Manhattan or any other city without breaking your lease. 

Painting is one of the easiest ways to make changes that can seem like you have done a lot of work in the home. The right colors can make a room seem larger than it is, such as white, light green or pale yellow. Since most apartments are small in size, you want to avoid using darker colors as these can just make rooms seem even smaller. 

Another idea to make the rooms seem larger is to change the light fixtures. This is an easy remodeling project and if you keep the original components, you can take the fixtures you install with you when you move. There are several styles of lights to choose from, some with ceiling fans so that you get circulation in the home. The plates for the light switches are another thing to consider. As with the light fixtures, you can keep the original plates and take the ones you purchased when you move. We actually just updated our den by doing this exact thing. We took down an outdated ceiling fan and replaced it with a modern light from Kichler and it turned out great! We also eventually changed the color from dark red as you can see in the picture to a light gray and it made the room appear so much more spacious. 

The kitchen is often one of the smallest rooms in an apartment aside from the bathroom. It's also a room where you can make quite a few noticeable changes. One of the things that you can do is create an open shelf space. You might have to get permission from the office manager before doing this remodeling project but if it's something that will improve the look and the value of the home, it will most likely be approved. Remove the cabinet doors so that you can see the dishes and other items that are on the shelves. Add paint or shelving paper on the walls behind the shelves so that there is a theme in the room. This is also a good time to rearrange the items in the cabinet or get rid of items that are no longer needed. Linoleum can be placed on the floor of the kitchen and bathroom and plumbing fixtures can be changed to add a modern look to the home. Storage racks can add space to rooms while updating the appearance.

Thanks to Knock Out Renovation for providing these easy tips to our readers! 

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