Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MAM #MyBirthReality Contest

The birth of a baby is a big deal and of course every mom has her own idea of how the birth will go. As we know, things seldom go as planned though, no matter how much we plan. As our readers know, we recently welcomed our fifth child into our family and her birth was definitely not as planned. First of all, she arrived fashionably late several days after her due date. I went into labor around midnight on a Friday night and had to send my husband to my sisters to pick up our daughter and niece to come home to watch our other children before we could even go to the hospital. We didn't make it to the hospital until after 1:00 am and I thought I had plenty of time before she would be born. My Mom and sister arrived a little after 2:00 am and by that time I realized my labor was progressing much more quickly than I thought it would. I did not want an epidural so I asked the nurse to give me a birthing ball to help me relax and to help with the labor pain. At that time they also gave me a shot to help with nausea and pain. That's pretty much the last thing I remember before she was born. I suddenly felt the urge to push so the nurse checked me and I was nearly fully dilated and they had not even called the doctor yet! My doctor was out of town so I had to settle for the on-call doctor. The nurse ordered me off of the ball and back into the bed to try and slow down labor but this baby wasn't waiting. The doctor arrived at 4:00 AM and Adalynn Grace was born just 15 minutes later. Trust me, I am not complaining about the quick labor but I'm still astonished how fast everything moved. At the end of the day, it didn't matter that things didn't go exactly as planned. We had a beautiful baby girl who we were absolutely in love with! 

Now MAM is inviting you to share your birth story in their #MyBirthReality contest where three winners will each win a $100 MAM gift card and a $50 pack of MAM goodies! Visit the official link for rules and to enter. The contest ends September 4th so don't delay! http://bit.ly/mybirthreality 

Good luck! 

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