Saturday, September 19, 2015

Safari Tales App Both Entertains and Educates

As a Mom of 5, I am constantly on the lookout for fun, educational games that are going to keep my children entertained and engaged. Far too often we fill our devices with pointless apps that are nothing more than a waste of time for our children. Every once in awhile, however, I do actually come across a high quality app that is both Mom and Kid approved and I am excited to share one of those with you today. 

Safari Tales is an adorable app that aims to enhance literary skills in young children. Geared towards  children ages 4-10, Safari Tales opens up a 3D world for kids to discover and explore. Upon downloading, you are prompted to enter a name and age which tailors the game to your child's level.

Players can then go on different adventures, completing different tasks like finding animals in different worlds. They can get creative and change the color of their animal too. In one adventure my son had to find red berries and change the color of his animal to red so it really enforces basic skills like colors as well. 

Some of the different things we did in the game included riding waterfalls, feeding animals and playing a fun catapult game. We also stumbled across an animal band and made music! 

At the end of game play, a story is created based off of what your child did in the game that session. This has to be the coolest part in my opinion as children can go back and recall everything they did which is a really neat feature. As I was reading a tale with my 5 year old, he was fist pumping and telling me "I did that!" 

I love the game character Darwin as he is available to help answer questions that kids might have during game play. For instance, I was just playing with my little guy and we turned the wheels to  join the words "Where is the baby leopard" and then he provided footprints for us to follow in the game to find it! 

There have only been a couple of apps that I can recall that have truly captured my sons attention but we can now happily add Safari Tales to that list. It was such a big hit, in fact, that we had to purchase it on our son's Kindle so that I could have my iPhone back. As of today, he had racked up 24 stickers and 4 awards in the game and he was pretty proud of that! If we give a recommendation for a product or service, you can bet that it is one that we truly stand behind and Safari Tales is an app that I would recommend to every parent who has a little one. For $3.99 you are going to get countless hours of educational game time and you just can't be that. 

Safari Tales is available on the following platforms: 


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