Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ecofriendly Cleaning with the Just Add Water System

With 5 children, I feel like all I do is clean. When I sit here and think about all of the cleaning supplies that we use in a single month, I cringe at the thought of all of the empty plastic bottles that we contribute to local landfills. It's very likely that if you are reading this, you might be in the same boat. If you are looking for a cleaning system that eliminates the dirt and grime AND all of the plastic bottle waste and toxic chemicals, let me introduce you to a brand new way to clean. JAWS aka the Just Add Water System is a revolutionary new way of cleaning the home by using an innovative pod system that allows you to reuse plastic bottles. We received the Home Cleaning Kit to facilitate this post and we were definitely impressed with what we received. 

For just $19.99, you receive 4 empty reusable bottles, 4 trigger sprayers and 2 refill pods each of the Glass Cleaner, Daily Shower Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner-Degreaser and Hardwood Floor Cleaner. That is equal to 8 bottles of cleaner for right around $20 so the price for these products is definitely right. But do they work? 

Of course our older kids thought the cleaners were super cool because all we had to do was fill each bottle with water and attach the coordinating pod. Within seconds, the water in each bottle began to change color.  

Blue: This ammonia-free glass cleaner was definitely our favorite of the 4 cleaners as it cleaned all of our windows and mirrors without the strong odor and without leaving behind streaks! It's also safe for use on most household surfaces including granite, stainless steel and even our electronic screens. Good Housekeeping tested 17 cleaners and this was the only one that didn't leave streaks behind. That's pretty amazing. 

Orange: This is the cleaner that will get the most use in our home because it's where we spend the majority of our time. This is the central part of our home and it's where we make meals and eat together as a family and it's also where our sons do their school work during the day so that means it's also the messiest part of our home on most days. The JAWS Kitchen Cleaner/Degreaser did NOT disappoint. I used it everywhere including on my counter tops, my microwave, the stovetop, the refrigerator doors and I even used it to spot clean my tile floors when I didn't have time to mop. In addition to the kitchen, it is also recommended for car wheels, outdoor grills, patio furniture and even golf clubs! It has a light orange/cinnamon fragrance that is not overpowering. This cleaner was recently recommended by The Wall Street Journal for the removal of grease and grime on grill grates. 

Green: The green cleaner is for Hardwood Floors which is great for us since 75% of our home is hardwood floors. This formula is recommended for sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum and natural stone floors and has a nice lemon/lime fragrance so you can even SMELL the clean. We used it on our newly installed floors in our den and I was impressed that it didn't even any residue behind. I am super picky on what I will put on my wood floors so I tested just a small spot before I went all in and we were pleasantly surprised. 

Purple: The final cleaner in the JAWS line is the shower cleaner. Scrubbing the shower is one of my most hated chores so this was right up my alley. It's designed for every day use so it keeps shower and tub surfaces clean for a longer period of time. It cuts right through lime, soap scum and mineral deposits eliminating hours of scrubbing. It's safe for ceramic tile, glazed tile, porcelain tile, shower walls, toilets, tubs and glass shower doors. So basically I can use this in my entire bathroom which is awesome. It has a citrus/floral scent so it's not strong like most bathroom cleaners which is a plus for us having a new baby in the house. 

Anything that helps make my life easier is a winner in my book and the Just Add Water System did all of that and more. It's not very often that you find an affordable system that actually works but we can't say enough good things about these cleaners. The fact that you are also helping the environment is definitely an added bonus. You can order these products online on the JAWS website or by using their store locator.  


One lucky reader is going to win their own Home Cleaning Kit from JAWS! 

*Products for review and giveaway were provided by the company. All opinions belong to the owner of this site* 


  1. is it really this good and has no toxic stuff?

  2. Scouts honor Anonymous! It works great.

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