Monday, October 19, 2015

Win a Year Supply of Boogie Wipes #NannyNoseBest

Cold and flu season is upon us and as a Mom of 5 kids ranging from 5 months to 13 years, I have seen some pretty nasty illnesses and Boogie Wipes continue to be a staple in our medicine cabinet. When it comes to snotty noses, tissues and rags just don't cut it, especially when those little noses can  get sore so quickly.  Don't be caught off guard this year. Be prepared and make sure you have plenty of Boogie Wipes on hand to keep your little one's noses clean and clear. You can win a year supply of Boogie Wipes and a $100 Target gift card in the #NannyNoseBest sweepstakes from Boogie Wipes. You won't be able to avoid every illness this season but you can do your best to keep your children as comfortable as possible when the inevitable happens and Boogie Wipes can help! 


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