Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What Pet Suits Your Family Best?? Guest Post

If your kids are after you every day, asking for a pet, and you just agreed to get one for them – this article is for you. While there are different types of pets in this world, there are different kinds of families too. Consequently, you need to choose a pet that will suit your family’s lifestyle and be a fitting addition as well. So, below you will find a short list of the most common household pets and short descriptions what these pets need. I hope that it will help you choose the right new family member for your home.

A dog
Although there are different breeds of dogs that all require a different type of care, we can try to combine their features. So, no matter the breed you are looking to buy, keep in mind that dogs need a lot of exercising daily. A couple of hours walking and playing outdoors are the minimum time you need to work with a dog. Also, the bigger the dog is, the more food he needs, so it can turn out to be quite expensive to afford a dog. Moreover, dogs, like many other animals, tend to get sick a lot, and so – you will be presented with a few veterinary bills as well. But dogs are very fun to have, kids love them too, and you will always have a loyal friend waiting for you at home.

A cat
For more introverted families, a cat can be a great addition to the family. A cat doesn’t need any exercising, and he is very independent too. Also, a cat doesn’t need much space, as he can sleep with you or your kids in the bed and purr all night as well. But some cats can be quite aggressive, and they don’t like small children. Also, they have an adamant hunting instinct so you might find dead birds or small animals in your house as well. Also, keep in mind that like dogs, different cat breeds will suit different people, so you should do a proper research before adopting a cat. 

A fish
Probably the best type of pet for a non active family is a fish. It doesn’t require much of your time and all you need to do is feed them and change water occasionally. Fish are not the type of pet your kids can play with. It is more like a décor element than a family member. However, if you value calmness and peacefulness at home, a fish will be perfect. They are soundless and create a relaxed environment as well. Although they are not messy, they can turn out to be quite expensive to maintain and fish tend to live shortly. It can be a little bit traumatic for kids to say goodbye to them so soon as well.

A bird
A cheerful and colorful pet bird at your household can be a perfect family member as well. They don’t need a lot of money to maintain, their food costs very little, and they are fun to own as well.  Birds do not require much time to care for or train, and they need a small amount of space too. Moreover, birds are usually accepted in rental properties. So – it is perfect if you still don’t have your house. But remember, that birds are very vocal and tend to sing a lot. They are pretty messy, and their cage needs constant cleaning. Also, there are different breeds of birds that might suit different types of families. And some of the parrots can live up to one hundred years! So you might get a family member for a lifetime!

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