Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Print Your Memories with #PicCollage and #HP

If you are like me, you probably have an electronic device full of pictures begging to be set free. My iPhone currently has 3,106 photos and do you know how of those have been printed? If you guessed zero, you would be correct. I am absolutely awful about printing my photos but it's something that I have vowed to do more of in the future. Thanks to PicCollage and HP, I can now print my favorite photo collages without even leaving my home. 

I have been a HUGE fan of PicCollage since I can remember. It was one of the very first apps that I ever downloaded, thanks to a tip from my tween daughter who said EVERYONE has it so I had to have it too. I use this app more than any other app on my phone, creating collages for different occasions almost daily. Then, I found that I could print these collages straight from my iPhone to my HP printer and I was hooked. All you need is photo paper and you are ready to rock! My HP prints superior quality photos when you pair it with HP photo paper and the fact that I can do it so effortlessly makes me super happy.

I can't even begin to tell you how many amazing collages I have made with PicCollage. There are over 300 on my phone right now and that is probably not even half of them. I use it for everything from online yard sale ads to photo greeting cards. The photo below we made on PicCollage and printed for my husband as a part of his Father's Day gift. 

Since Christmas is right around the corner, you might be looking into holiday cards to send out and I can't say enough good things about the quick and easy photo cards we made. It took about 5 minutes of editing with one of the already made templates and we had a perfect photo card to send to all of our friends and family members. 

You might remember all of the hype a couple of months ago when we experienced the "Blood Moon?" One of my friends took amazing photos of every stage of the sky that night and I made a collage on PicCollage and used it for a great science lesson with our boys who we now homeschool! It turned out amazing and ended up being a great educational tool.

Whatever activities you are involved with, I am positive that you will love PicCollage if you don't already use it. Hurry over to the PicCollage site and download at the app and try it free today! 

*This post was sponsored by HP, PicCollage and Mom Selection. All opinions belong to the owners of this site*

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