Sunday, February 21, 2016

All New Season of Survivor #BrainsBrawnBeauty

If you are Survivor fan's like us, you are probably super excited that the show has returned for a new season. Hopefully you caught the 90-minute premier on Wednesday but if not, we can fill you in on what you missed so you will be ready for next week! This season castaways will embark on the most grueling 39 days in Survivor history as they compete to see if brute strength, looks or smarts will bring them to the finish line as the Sole Survivor. 

Introducing this season's contestants!

The Brains Tribe:

Peter Baggenstos
Aubry Bracco
Joseph Del Campo
Neal Gottlieb 
Elisabeth Markham
Debbie Wanner 

The Brawn Tribe:

Cydney Gillon
Darnell Hamilton
Alecia Holden
Kyle Jason
Jennifer Lanzetti
Scot Pollard 

The Beauty Tribe:

Michele Fitzgerald 
Anna Khait 
Nick Maiorano
Caleb Reynolds
Julia Sokolowski
Tai Trang 

The show kicked off with the castaway's receiving 2 minutes to take anything and everything they could off of the boat. Players jumped to get everything they could including food, live animals (including a chicken that Caleb from the Beauty Tribe jumped off of the boat to retrieve from the water!) 

The first episode was super exciting and of course we came out with a team that we are rooting for. We knew right away that we were not into the beauty tribe, although we find Tai to be super interesting. We found positives with the Brain Tribe but in the end, we decided that we are rooting for the Brawn Tribe although we are SUPER ticked about them sending Darnell home. We did not like Alecia and didn't think she carried her weight at all throughout the entire episode. Darnell might have lost his goggles in the challenge but he pulled his weight through the rest of the 1st episode. I hope it doesn't come back to bite them in subsequent episodes. 

So, we might change our mind but after the first episode, we definitely like the Brawn Tribe!

Who are you rooting for after week 1?


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