Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sports Apparel for Babies

In many families, there's usually a specific sports team everyone roots for. Whether it's a college team or a home town team, most families love to purchase the gear and root for their favorite teams together. While there are some families that feud about which team is best to root for, most families choose to be on the same page in terms of which team they'll be a fan of. Once you have a new member of the family, it's always nice to introduce them to the sports culture by getting them their own clothing gear to wear. Granted, they might be too little to know what's going, but when they get older, they'll appreciate the effort. We get so many compliments for the adorable sports outfits that our baby girl wears! 

1. Family Pictures

One of the best ways to capture the special moments in a family's history is through professional family portraits. Before the baby is born, it's important to book their first photos ahead of time. It's always nice to look back at pictures of them when they were little tiny infants. Nowadays, newborn photographers are extremely creative with the way they take photos of newborns. If you're from Alabama and proudly chant phrases like 'Roll Tide', along with an adorable University of Alabama onesie, you might want to ask the photographer to see if it's possible to include a football in the picture. You'd be surprised at how creative many newborn photographers have become over the years. 

2. Sports Games

If the baby is fresh out of the womb, it may not be time to allow them to go to one of the Florida State basketball games just yet. In due time, they'll be able to go. Once they're a few months old, you might consider taking them to a game to enjoy for an hour or so. While they're at the game, this is a great opportunity to let them start proudly rocking their Florida State onesie for team support. Make sure to take lots of pictures of them in uniform with the rest of the family. These types of memories are priceless. 

In addition to the fabulous onesies and jumpsuits, you can enjoy the matching shoes, hats, bibs and baby sleepers. If you have a little girl, she might want to wear the cute polo dresses or the cheerleader costumes. It's all interchangeable and the variety of options are very diverse. Just know that your precious little one will have many options to choose from in the babies NCAA infant apparel department. 

Now even though I am from Ohio, I am a HUGE Michigan fan and I fell head over heels in love with some of the adorable baby girl clothes I have found for her in sports apparel. Might need to stock up before football season!!! 


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