Friday, October 7, 2016

Dr. Ken, Friday Nights on ABC

Fall has arrived which means so has some much anticipated Fall television shows including Season 2 of Dr. Ken! Make sure you tune in tonight at 8:30 EST! 

In the new episode which will air Friday, October 7, Jeong's real-life daughter Zooey will guest star as the window-peeping neighbor girl. This hilarious real-life comedy is the perfect ending to wind down the busy work/school week with the family. It's so difficult to find family friendly shows anymore and this is one that our entire family can sit down and enjoy together. 

I had the opportunity to be on an interview call with Ken Jeong this week and he is such an amazing, down to earth man which makes me even more excited to catch the show. It's not very often that you can find someone who is just naturally funny like he is and I was just thrilled to have the chance to talk to him. It was truly like talking to a neighbor or a friend. I was really curious as to how he went from studying medicine to becoming a crazy successful actor and I loved hearing the story about how he caught the "acting bug" while studying medicine. His parents encouraged him to follow his dreams and left his career decisions ultimately up to him and while I am certain he would have been successful no matter which path he would have taken, I am so glad he ultimately chose acting because we need more Ken Jeong's in the entertainment world! He has provided my husband and I with countless laughs on his many successful movies including the Hangover Series. Unlike the Hangover movies, however, Dr. Ken is a more real-life show that people can relate to. (And your children can watch without you having to cover their eyes or ears!) Not only is Jeong the star of the show, he is also executive producer so he has a hand in every single part of the show so you know it's going to be great! 

We have our DVR set and can't wait to catch the show tonight! 

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