Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, Stomp Out Bullying #WorldDayOfBullyingPrevention

Bullying is something that effects everyone. You, me, our children and our society as a whole is directly affected by bullying and how we treat each other. There are two things that I consider the most important in teaching my children how to be strong, healthy adults. One is for the to have a relationship with God and the other is to be kind to everyone they meet. 

I can still remember how much I hated school when I was a teenager. I hit puberty in middle school between my 7th and 8th grade years and I went back to school very self conscious. I was called "fat" when I really wasn't overweight at all, I just had a bigger chest that made me appear bigger than I was. Looking back now, I can still feel the hurtful words that were said to me by numerous boys. I remember starting very unhealthy eating habits where I would regularly skip meals or I would eat and then make myself throw up. I hated the girl looking back at me in the mirror and would often sit in my room and cry because I was so embarrassed about my body. I can remember the saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." That was drilled into our heads starting in elementary school, but no bigger lie has ever been told. Words do hurt. They hurt bad. They cut deep. Bruises heal and you will probably even forget how you got them but cruel words echo over and over in your mind and are rarely forgotten. Looking back today, I can still feel the pain that I felt as a young girl and it is what drives me today to make a difference. We have 5 children of our own and the biggest message that we preach in our home is to BE KIND! We volunteer for several charities and we pay it forward every chance we get but what we have taught our kids number one above all is to be kind. It's free to be kind. A smile or a kind word can make all of the difference in someone else's life and it doesn't cost a dime! 

Parents, please take a minute today and talk to your kids about bullying. Be involved in their lives and watch for signs that things might not be all that great. YOU are your child's biggest advocate. If something is happening, please don't turn a blind eye. Your kids are counting on you! I encourage you to visit the Parents Page on the Stomp Out Bullying website and see what you can do to help be a part of the solution! We can't afford to lose another child. Kind = Awesome.

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  1. It's great that you're taking the time to talk about bullying. It is a huge problem and I do talk to my son about it often. He has a friend that's pretty controlling, so I often have to talk to him about maybe finding some other friends to play with.


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