Monday, December 5, 2016

How Often Should I have Termite Inspections Performed?

Staying on top of any potential termite problems is a vital key in preventing any infestation damage later on. This is definitely a pest issue that you need to watch out for with regular inspections rather than waiting until you start to see signs of the insects or even actual damage. 

Professionals, like exterminators in Arlington Heights or elsewhere will do inspections to help keep your home safe. But while you need to be on your guard, you don't want to go overboard either. 

So the big question is how often do you need to have a termite inspection, to be on the safe side with your home. On average, the simple and rough answer is once a year. Having an annual termite inspection is the most common preventative approach. But you do need to consider a few other points. 

Regional Location 

Where in the country are you located? Some regions are far more prone to termite infestations than others, and some areas don't even have native termites to begin with.

 If you live in an area that is prone to termites, you might want to consider upping your inspection schedule to every six months. Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana and the eastern part of Texas are all areas with high termite populations. 

Just remember that these are only the high-risk areas. There are termites in every state except Alaska, which would be the only area where you can skip the inspections entirely without any worry. Northern states like Minnesota, Maine or North Dakota are also very safe with regards to termites. You might want to go with every 2 years in those areas, but you will want to consider your specific property, which we will be discussing next.

Type of Property 

This is really another way of looking at location, just more locally. Is your home in a rural or wooded area, or in a built-up urban area? Living in an inner city area that is surrounded to asphalt and concrete is going to bring your termite risks down considerably, even if you live in one of the states we mentioned earlier. 

On the other hand, a property with a lot of close trees will increase your termite risk quite a bit, no matter where your home is. Homes that are surrounded by forest would do well with a 6-month inspection schedule. You should also think about adding some bait stations to your yard to protect your home against the local termite colonies, but that's another story altogether. 

The bottom line is that an annual inspection is a good place to start, unless you fit in with the higher-risk situations or areas we have mentioned above. Then go with every 6 months. Of course, you can always discuss this with a local professional to get their opinions too. They'll know the area better and can fine-tune their advice for your home specifically. 

A professional can also give you some further information on what to do if termites are discovered, and how treatment would handle it. It's always good to know the big picture for the future.


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