Monday, April 10, 2017

Gifted Movie

It's been awhile since an awesome feel-good movie has come across my radar so we were so excited when we first learned about the movie "Gifted." If you follow along on our Facebook page, you might remember us first posting about it back around December and if you have been excited to watch it too, it's FINALLY in select theaters!

Frank Adler (Chris Evans) is a single man raising a child prodigy, his niece Mary (McKenna Grace) in the movie Gifted. Frank's plans for a normal life for Mary are threatened when her advanced mathematical abilities come to light and his mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) makes plans for her that threaten to separate the pair.

We had the opportunity to hop on a couple calls with McKenna Grace and Chris Evans from the movie and we are excited to share a couple of the highlights below. You an also click the video and watch a scene from the movie!

McKenna Grace (Plays Mary in the movie) 

*She loved working with the cast and crew, even though everywhere she went with Chris there were ladies following them and screaming (Cracked me up because I would SO be one of those ladies!) 

*Her favorite subject in school is Math which is funny because in the movie, her character is a genius in Math and the movie is actually what tweaked her interest in the subject. She also said if she could be a genius in real life in any subject she would choose social studies because it's boring. (I loved her honesty!) 

*When I asked her about the ideal audience for this movie, she responded that this movie is for anyone with a heart and anyone who wants a good feel-good movie with a happy ending. She also touched on the movie being a good fit for those who feel alone or different as the movie deals with some issues surrounding bullying. When speaking about bullying, McKenna said that she felt the best way to deal with bullies is to "kill them with kindness" and to stick up for others who are being bullied, even if it's yourself. It's ok to tell someone "That's no ok." 

*When asked about her dream role in the future, she said she would love to play a superhero or even a villain like Harley Quinn or she would love to do a musical. In the future we are going to see McKenna in Designated Survivor, Fuller House Season 3, How to be a Latin Lover and I, Tonya. She has been a busy girl! 

*She loves acting but she would also love to run an animal sanctuary because of her love for animals. 

Chris Evans (Plays Frank in the movie)

*Loved working on this movie because of the great cast, script and especially Director, Marc Webb. 

*If he could describe the film in 3 words, they would be Family, Heartfelt and Humor.

*The movie was shot in Savannah in the Fall which made a gorgeous setting for the movie to be filmed. 

*Chris also talked about bullying and even though he isn't a parent, talked about how it would be a proud parenting moment to have your own child stand up to a bully. 

*His favorite scene to shoot was the hospital scene. During the shooting of this scene with Lindsay Duncan, the crew actually applauded because it was such a great scene. 

*If he could go back to school and study anything it would be carpentry.

I can't say it enough. This is an AWESOME movie and you MUST go see it. Check your local theater listings for playing times.

*This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer's Network* 


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