Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why I am Hooked on Mean Green

With 5 kids, you can probably imagine that I have to deal with some pretty big messes on a regular basis. For as long as I can remember, Mean Green has been a staple in our home. We use it for just about everything because it is literally one of the few things that can handle just about any stain. My kids love frozen ice pops in the Summer time but they also love to snip off the tops of them and leave them lay on the counter. Mean Green is the ONLY cleaner that I found that will remove stained popsicle and kool-aid from the countertops! One day I was cleaning my carpets and just so happened to be talking to my Mom on the phone and I mentioned that I was having trouble getting a couple stains to come up and what did she suggest? Mean Green of course. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I was asked to be a Mean Green Ambassador for 2017! Of course I was thrilled to accept. 

Mean Green has a variety of products for the entire house, even the garage. I have always just used the Super Strength Mean Green and had no idea that they sold so many other great products. 

We relocated almost a year ago and we are just now getting around to selling our house up in northwestern Ohio. Sadly, we even still had some stuff in that house that we have slowly been working on getting down to our new house. One of those things was my deep freezer. We had unplugged it to move it and life got in the way so we ended up not getting it down to our new house until recently. To say I was shocked when we opened it would be an understatement. I had cleaned it out before we moved but there must have been moisture in it which caused a really bad mildew problem. I thought it was ruined and was prepared to throw it out when I remembered I had a TON of Mean Green in the garage and figured it would be worth a shot to at least try to get it clean. We were picking up a whole hog from the butcher that day and I had NOWHERE to put it because my freezer was in such bad shape so I was in panic mode and preparing to go buy a new freezer. I so wish I had taken more pictures but I never expected to see such a big difference so the only pictures I have are the one's that I snapped to send to my husband who was on the receiving end of my panic attack. Poor guy. I am glad I have these pictures though because they show exactly how amazing Mean Green truly is! 

These are the first 2 pictures I sent to my husband in full panic mode. He was at work and obviously unable to help me figure out this very major crisis and I was on the verge of a major meltdown. 

I sprayed the Mean Green Mildew Remover all over the freezer and let it set for about 10 minutes and then I went to work and I couldn't believe how clean it came.

This was the after of the lid! Not a single spot of mildew was left. 

My husband was so happy when he saw the pictures of what the Mean Green did in our freezer. He was even more excited later that night when I sent him a picture of it full of fresh pork though. I can't believe I was going to throw this freezer away! A bottle of Mean Green saved my family a TON of money that we would have spent on a new freezer. 

This stuff is NO JOKE! It's the real deal and if you have not tried Mean Green, you are missing out. Spring Cleaning time is upon us and if you want affordable cleaners that are actually going to do what they claim to do, look no further! Mean Green has you covered. 

*This post was written as a part of our participation in the Mean Green Ambassador Program. All opinions are honest and belong to the owners of this site* 


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