Thursday, August 17, 2017

Stop Night Sweats With a Cooling Mattress Pad

If you live in a warm climate then you know what it is like to wake up in the middle of the night feeling a little too warm around the neck. According to statistics, overheating during sleep is one of the major factors contributing to a bad nights’ sleep. One way to combat this is by purchasing a cooling mattress pad to top your mattress off with. 
Cooling mattress pads have become more and more popular in use to provide a cooler, more comfortable way to sleep, whether on old or new mattresses. So below are some things to consider when choosing the best cooling mattress pad for a cool nights’ sleep.

1 – More or less firmness?
If you have an older bed, the chances are that it has long since lost some of the comfort that was there in the beginning. Alternatively, you could have just bought a new bed that you haven’t quite ‘worn in’ yet and is still a little too hard for your liking.
When choosing the best cooling mattress pad for your bed, you need to take into consideration that, like with any bed topper, it will affect the way your bed feels to you. Decide whether you would like to stiffen up your bed or make it a little more comfy before you buy a cooling mattress topper.

This will help you choose because it means that depending on your preference you can knock out a few options from the get go depending on their material composition. We recommend consulting this list of the best cooling mattress pads as per
2 – What is the best material to go for?
There is a wide variety of different cooling mattress pads out there. They range from memory foam infused with a cooling gel to duck down pads. Choosing the best material depends on your answer to the question above; do you want more firmness or more cushioning?
If you are looking to add a bit of firmness to your bed, a memory foam or similar cooling pad/topper is what you are looking for. The memory foam imprints against your body and offers you a very comfortable sleep while offering great support.  Just make sure that you get a gel infused memory foam. The gel acts as a heat regulator and draws heat away from your body as you sleep.

If you are looking for a bit more comfort, duck down or similar is the way to go. These pads offer an amazing amount of comfort and help soften your bed, especially if your mattress is a bit on the firm side. The only downside to these types of cooling mattress pads is that they tend to be higher up on the pricing scale. 
Other options for materials include latex (which is incredibly eco-friendly and provides great support), fibre (which has all the perks of feather or down pads but is hypoallergenic) or wool (which is extremely durable and can keep you warm on cold winter nights).
3 – How do I want it to cool my bed?
There are two types of mattress cooling pads - active and passive.
Active cooling pads generally make use of electrical outlets and have anything from fans that blow cool air into the mattress to a series of pipes that circulate cool liquids throughout the pad while you sleep. While these toppers generally are much better at regulating temperature than passive pads, they come with the inconvenience of having to be plugged in and are much heavier on your pocket than passive pads.

Passive pads however make use of simple methods to make sure that you stay cool while you sleep. Some, like the infused memory foam, use cooling gels which draw the heat away from your body and disperse it out of the pad, while others are designed to allow a cooling airflow to move through the pad while you sleep to allow hot air to dissipate. These are the more common cooling pads and are easy enough to put on and enjoy without having any extra troubles of plugging it in etc.
Most of the best cooling mattress pads belong to the category of passives.
4 – What other things do I need to check before I buy?
One of the major things that people forget to look out for when buying a cooling mattress pad is its ease in cleaning.
The best is to look for a cooling mattress pad that has a removable cover, preferably 100% cotton that adds more comfort, which you can easily take off the pad and throw into the machine. Be careful when purchasing your cooling pad as some have to be dry-cleaned while others you can just throw in the washer.
Also look out for anti-allergy cooling pads. This is generally only if you are looking to buy a feather/down or latex cooling pad however. Make sure that it is something that you will not have allergies to and that will be safe to use.
Asking yourself these five simple questions can often help you eliminate many cooling pads on the market and narrow your options down to exactly what you are looking for to find the best cooling mattress pad.


  1. We have a really nice pillow top mattress, but it is hot! We've been thinking about one of these cooling pads for awhile. Thanks for all of the great detailed tips about how to choose one.

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