Sunday, September 10, 2017

Great Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Gift giving can be one of the most wonderful (and stressful!) tasks ever. Finding the perfect gift that someone will actually enjoy and appreciate can be extremely difficult sometimes, especially when you want the gift to be something thoughtful AND something that the recipient will actually use. I have people on my holiday list this year that are extremely easy to shop for but others, not so much. If you are in the same boat as me, look no further. We have compiled some of the best gift ideas out there to help make your shopping this year a breeze. 

1. Entertainment Tickets

Whether you have a daughter who is obsessed with the latest boy band, a husband who is super committed to his favorite sports team or a mother who loves the opera, tickets are always a great choice for gifts. Last year my mother in law purchased my daughters and I tickets to our very first broadway show (The Little Mermaid) and we absolutely loved it! We all went together and not only did we get to see a great show, we got to build memories together which is priceless to me. My husband and I have been on both the giving and receiving end of tickets as gifts and they have never disappointed. A couple of years ago we received tickets to the Cincinnati Bengals (our favorite football team), our oldest son receives tickets every year for Reds Opening Day and we have purchased multiple concert tickets for our teenage daughter for various occasions. Keep in mind that an additional pre-paid gift card for concert souvenirs and even food will be extra appreciated, especially when the recipient is not financially secure. (i.e. a college student, teenager, etc.) 

2. Personalized Gifts 
I am crazy about personalized products. If you were to walk through my kids bedrooms, you will find their names on just about everything they have. If a child is your intended recipient, you can purchase them just about any personalized product and they will love it because what kid doesn't love to see something made just for them? Books, bags, clothing, etc. are all great ideas for personalized products for kids. If you are shopping for an adult, you can create personalized coffee mugs, cutting boards or even build your own luggage tags. The great thing about personalized products is that you can personalize just about anything these days. Last year we bought my husband a beautiful pocket knife set with his name engraved and this year I already ordered my daughter a beautiful personalized bracelet and book. Put Me in the Story is an amazing company where you can create books that actually star your child! You can't go wrong with a well thought out personalized gift! 

3. Experiences

Growing in popularity, gift givers from across the country have been giving the gift of experiences instead of physical gifts and recipients of these gifts could not be more thrilled. Whether you want to purchase a skydiving trip for a daredevil on your list or a romantic horseback riding experience for two, you can find some amazing activities to gift even the most difficult to buy for. You can find everything from paintball wars to hot air balloon rides.  Cloud 9 Living is our favorite one stop shop for amazing experiences that can be gifted to everyone on your list. 

4. Gift cards

When in doubt and all other ideas fail, a gift card is not a bad gift as long as it's something that the recipient will actually use. My parents love going to the movie theater (which can be pricey when you add in the price of popcorn, drinks and snacks) so a gift card to their local theater along with one to their favorite restaurant is the perfect gift that they can actually use and enjoy for a night out. Gift cards are perfect for those who are difficult to buy for or seemingly have everything already. According to Marketwatch, however, over 1 billion dollars in gift cards go unredeemed each year so make sure you purchase an appropriate gift card for its intended recipient. 

The holiday season is literally right around the corner......if you have a long list like me, you can't go wrong with some of the above ideas! Who do you find is the most difficult to shop for you on your list?


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