Monday, October 16, 2017

Zilis Hemp CBD Oil Review and Why I Joined This Awesome Company

Read my latest, updated Zilis CBD review here

I need to start this post off by explaining that I am NOT a salesperson. I have been begged by dozens of friends to join their teams in every business possible but I have always respectfully declined, mostly because I am a crazy busy Mom of 5 with literally NO spare time. If I am going to invest time and money into a business, it's going to be something that I really believe in. Not that I can't use extra money, after all, I am paying student loans back from a Bachelors degree that I didn't really need to be a stay at home mom. Extra money is always nice but not if it means I have to bug my friends and family to death about products that I really don't care about. Fast forward to a recent Facebook post made by an old friend of mine. She was using a product that was literally changing her life and when I saw that I suffered from a lot of the things she had listed, I was intrigued. Joining her team was not anywhere on my radar but getting my hands on this product was a top priority so she sent me a bottle in the mail and I had it two days later. This product was 7 CBD Hemp oil from Zilis. My friend sent me some literature on the product and I was excited to get started. 

I have ALWAYS been a huge supporter of medical marijuana because I believe that God gave us the plant to use because it has so many amazing medicinal properties. Having said that though, the majority of people suffering from various ailments cannot sit around stoned all day. If I had to actually smoke marijuana to get the good effects from it, I would never get anything done and I would be as big as a barn from sitting around all day with the munchies. HA! Kudos to you if you are able to smoke medicinal marijuana and still function but lets be realistic. Most of us could not do that in our every day lives. But CBD oil is different. This stuff is from the male hemp plant and doesn't contain THC. Sweet. 

Years ago I predicted that CBD was going to be a great thing someday that would help a lot of people but I never in a million years thought that I would be one of those people. Anxiety, migraines, insomnia, brain fog and achy joints are just a handful of the things I experience in my life on a regular basis but I am very leery of prescription and even some over the counter medications. Because of this, I have suffered needlessly. Yes, I know that there are probably medications that could have helped me but I wasn't willing to take them with possible side effects so I literally have suffered. So I got my hands on a bottle of this CBD oil from a company called Zilis and I recorded what I did and how I felt on each of the 7 days that I took it.

My 7 Day Challenge Diary 

Day 1: Woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible headache. Took 800mg of Ibuprofen at 4:00 a.m. and went back to sleep. Tossed and turned until 6:00 a.m. when I finally gave up and got up for the day.  Did very little throughout the day. Headache still dull and making me nauseous. Took a second dose of Ibuprofen around 12:00 along with some caffeine. Attempted housework but felt too sick to do anything so laid around most of the afternoon. Picked kids up from school at 3:00. Came home and checked mail and BOOM! CBD oil was in the mailbox. Took a dose while still sitting in my van in my driveway. Just a squirt under the tongue and it tasted GROSS! I looked at the bottle and saw that my friend had sent me the cinnamon. Noted. If I continue, make sure I order the wild berry next time. LOL! Went inside to face my very busy evening with 5 kids and a killer headache. Oh Joy. But wait! Got the kids settled down for snack and homework and started getting soccer clothes out for practice and realized that my headache was gone. Looked at the clock and it was around 4:30. Wow. A fluke? Not sure but thankful my headache was gone. Cooked dinner, got my boys to and from practice along with a trip the car wash and I felt good. Like, really good. I usually start yawning and struggling to stay awake around 9:00 p.m. but I was WIDE awake. Cleaned up, got laundry done, laid kids clothes out for bed and finally laid down to go to bed around 11:00. Didn't wake up until my alarm went off at 5:30 the next morning. YES!

Day 2: Woke up feeling refreshed after getting an uninterrupted night of sleep. Wow, my 2 year old didn't even wake me up kicking me. Went downtairs to start coffee and get my teenage daughter up for school. Not out of the ordinary for me, I felt a panic attack coming on. This is pretty much my normal. My panic attacks come out of nowhere. No explanation. No medical reason. My heart starts to pound, I get dizzy and nauseous and I feel myself starting to FREAK OUT! Immediately went downstairs and squirt a dose of the CBD oil under my tongue. Still gross but not as bad as yesterday. I guess on the first day I was expecting a good taste but this time I wasn't shocked by the bitter taste when I swallowed. Hopped in the shower and prayed that this panic attack would pass quick. Got out of the shower and noticed I felt much calmer. Normally on a day when I have a panic attack in the morning I will be on edge all day but I felt relaxed and ok. The rest of my day was uneventful but again I noticed how much energy I still had in the evening. Messaged my friend and asked a bazillion questions about what I needed to do if I wanted to sign on as a distributor. You know, just in case I actually liked this stuff. Joined a live webinar to learn about the company and I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me. A fairly new company with a product that is expected to grow 700% in the next 2 years according to Forbes magazine. I was also super impressed by another Pay it Forward thing that they do called a Blessing Bonus. Depending on your rank as a distributor, the company sends you $100-400 a month to GIVE AWAY. Yes, give away or pay it forward to someone else in need. The kids and I do this all of the time anyway. We do so much charity work and giving. This company ROCKS. Husband couldn't believe I was still rocking at 10:30 and I finally laid down at 11:00. Felt wide awake but went right to sleep and woke up with the alarm at 5:30.

Day 3. Woke up feeling good and refreshed. Parents were coming to visit so I started on my house-work right away. Noted that I felt energetic and not dragging like normal. I also noted that I hadn't had another headache since a couple days prior which is out of the normal because normally during this particular time of the month, daily headaches are the norm. (Sorry, TMI!) Took a squirt of the CBD oil under my tongue and spent the entire day cleaning and running errands. My parents showed up in the afternoon and we hung out, rode 4-wheelers and my Mom and I went and picked out a bazillion pumpkins for her to take back home with her the next day. I noted that I didn't feel like I needed a nap like I usually feel around 2-3 every afternoon. I felt good. I talked to my Mom who was also doing the 7 day challenge and she and I compared stories. She said she felt like she had more energy as well. We all went to bed around 10ish. I went right to sleep until the next morning.

Day 4. Woke up, again feeling great. Started looking more into this company, Zilis. Super impressed by this company. Every time someone places an order, they send nutrition packs to malnourished children in Haiti. That's awesome. Watched a video about it that my friend had sent and was super impressed. Awesome product and they care about those in need. Win, win. My Mom and I were talking about the product and she said she had wild berry so I took a squirt of hers to see if it was any better than the cinnamon. It was better. It wasn't delicious, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't as strong as the cinnamon. Spent the entire day running around to soccer games and around 4ish my parents headed home. I went home and cleaned up the house for a bit. Felt a little anxious so I took another squirt of the CBD oil around 4 p.m. Didn't even notice the strong taste like the first couple of days. My taste buds must have gotten used to it. Started feeling more calm and relaxed around 5:00 and the rest of the night was uneventful. Went to bed and went right to sleep. Slept through the night except for getting woke up by my 2 year old to go potty around 2 a.m. Went right back to sleep until the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.

Day 5. Got up feeling good. Husband noted that he felt like I have been in better spirits this week. Inquired why I was in such a good mood. HA! I told him I felt like the CBD oil was making me less anxious and was helping me get more restful sleep at night. Left the room and when I came back in, caught him taking a squirt. Laughed and told him to get his own before taking my own morning squirt under my tongue. He said it didn't taste good but wasn't terrible. Compared it to a cough syrup which was funny because that's what my Mom said too. Went on with my day and hubby texted me around noon and noted that he felt awesome. He has a lot of pain as well as anxiety and depression (We are a hot mess some days) but he felt good. He also hates his job which usually puts him in a bad mood but I noticed how much more upbeat he was throughout the day. Both of us felt relaxed and calm that evening. Watched a movie and went to bed around 11:00. Slept through the night.

Day 6. Decided that I love this CBD Oil and this company. Took my morning dose and went on with my bad self.

I never journaled anymore after day 6 because I had decided by then that not only was I in love with this stuff, I decided that being a distributor is right for me because I want to share this product with EVERYONE I know. In the past month, I have seen this product literally change lives.

If you are interested in doing the 7 Day Challenge, shoot me an email at to order your trial bottle. These bottles are only available from distributors so they can't be ordered online. If you are interested in ordering online, you can give me a holler at the same email address and I can get you set up with a full sized bottle. This month we have a special where if you order the full sized bottle on auto-ship, you get a trial sized bottle FREE! 

Furthermore, if you are interested in working in a business in an industry that is projected to grow by 700% in the next 2 years, CONTACT ME! I am looking to grow my team across the country so we can get this product into as many hands as possible. THAT is how much I believe in it! Zilis has an amazing, super generous compensation plan with bonuses as well as healthcare benefits. You can't really find anything like this compensation plan with other direct sales companies! It's THAT good! 

All I can tell you is that this CBD oil has truly changed my life and I just want to share it with everyone I come in contact with. So glad I said yes to the 7 Day Challenge!!! 

*This post was not sponsored in any way. I purchased my 7 day trial at full price and paid to become a distributor.  Results will vary but everything here is 100% truthful and based on my experience with this amazing product* 


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  24. just do you KNOW that Zilis is "giving nutrition packs" to needy Haitians? Do you have proof? Do you believe this, just because they said so?

    1. The company regularly shares videos and documented giving. Not only are they doing the nutrition packs, they are also now partnered with Vitamin Angels, providing prenatal nutrition to pregnant women in need across the world, including the United States. They are truly the most giving company I have ever encountered.

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