Monday, October 29, 2018

Tick Bite Prevention Tips

How to prevent problems with ticks 

Ticks may only be small, but they can cause a lot of problems. If they bite, they can spread diseases such as Lyme Disease. This is why you want to reduce the chances of you and your family being bitten by ticks as much as possible. You need to do all that you can to protect yourself from ticks whenever you are outdoors, whether you are setting off on a hiking trip or tidying up the garden. 
If you do not do this, you can end up with a tick infestation in your home. Not all ticks can survive indoors but some do. If you do find an infestation of ticks, you need to find out more about how to deal with it. Prevention is always better than cure, so the best idea is to try and prevent a problem from happening in the first place. 
Precautions before you go out 
If you are going outside, you should always take precautions, especially in areas where there is a high risk of ticks being present. 
  • Be aware that ticks live mostly in bushy or wooded areas. 
  • Animals carry ticks so be wary of this if you are walking your dog in the park. 
  • Use permethrin treated clothing as this acts as a tick repellent. 
  • Use safe and certified insect repellents. 
  • When walking in areas where there are lots of bushes and trees, stay at the centre of designated paths. 
Taking precautions like these can help protect you and your family from the issue of tick bites. You also need to be cautious when you re-enter your home. 
When you return home 
When you get back inside your home, there are more actions to take, to ensure that you get rid of any ticks that you have brought home with you without knowing it. 
  • Check for ticks in your clothing and dispose of any that are present. You can do this by placing your clothes in a dryer for ten minutes on high to kill the ticks. 
  • Check for ticks on bags and backpacks. 
  • Check your dog for ticks if it was with you on a walk. 
  • Check your body carefully for the presence of ticks, including areas such as the belly button and underarms. 
  • Take a shower to make sure that your body is free from ticks. 
If you take these preventative measures, you can help to reduce the chances of a tick infestation in your home. However, if you do find that ticks have taken over, you need to get rid of them
If you are not able to get rid of the ticks yourself, you need to take further action. You should not just ignore the problem as doing so can put you and your family at risk from tick bites and the diseases they can cause. Seeking help from professional exterminators is a good idea. They know the best processes and products to use to rid your home from ticks as quickly and effectively as possible. 

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