What Is A Post And Beam Barn House?

Post and beam construction has been around for ages. Despite the development of modern methods, it remains popular around the country and all over the world. This can largely be attributed to its simplicity. The approach makes use of heavy timbers with posts set on the ground to support beams at the top. Unlike timber framing that features mortise and tenon joints, this uses metal fasteners to keep everything together. Barn house projects that utilize the post and beam approach have the following advantages:

Fast Completion

Post and beam are relatively easy to do. If you are under severe time pressure to erect a building, then this is a good choice for it. For example, you may be rushing to finish a house before winter comes so that delays can be avoided and the owners can move in right away. Carpenters will not have to make a lot of structural joints and some parts can be constructed off-site so they can put everything together much faster than average. This means lower labor cost and a more affordable project overall. There’s also the satisfaction of seeing the house completed right away.

Strong Structure

Just because the building has been completed faster doesn’t mean that it was rushed. That is simply the pace because of the approach taken. The end result is still quite strong. In fact, this will require fewer supports for the load above thanks to the quality of the timber framework. You won’t have to put multiple posts in the middle of a large room to ensure stability. This means that wide open spaces are possible. This will make the barn house look larger and more inviting.

Versatile Layout

Thanks to the open space, designers are free to create any layout they want. Homeowners should list down everything that they want to see inside so that these can be incorporated in the floor plans. The lack of load-bearing walls means that the load is shouldered by the timbers themselves. You can keep the entire space open or partition it with walls in any manner you want. Even the doors and windows can be placed at any location that makes the most sense to you. Structural integrity will not be compromised in any way if you change your mind and more there somewhere else.

Durable Frames

Civilizations have been depending on this type of construction since time immemorial. In fact, there are plenty of examples in Oriental architecture. Some of these were erected over a century ago and they are still standing. One of the earliest examples of this approach is the Stonehenge with its massive posts supporting heavy beams on top. Countless storms and earthquakes have passed but they remain intact for all to see. Barn homes featuring this solution can also last for a long time with proper techniques, good materials, and consistent upkeep.


The mainstream construction industry is known for consuming massive amounts of energy and producing toxic byproducts. Using cement is particularly frowned upon by environmentally conscious individuals and organizations because it produces greenhouse gasses. It also damages the topsoil which is the most fertile part of the land. By sticking to mature timber harvested in the proper way, it is possible to create structures that are sound and eco-friendly. There isn’t even a need to use wood with chemical treatments which are also a plus.

Effortless Charm

Wood is a traditional building material that lends natural beauty to any structure. It looks warm and feels inviting. A barn house that uses timber will exude an effortless charm that will make it a pleasant place to call home. It should also make a good impression on guests who like country living. This is a nice option for those who would like to escape from city life without sacrificing comfort, space, and modern amenities. The best part: it won’t even break the bank.

If you would like an affordable house inspired by old barn construction, then post and beam is a solid choice. You can save money, start building immediately and avoid large debts. Go ahead and talk to companies who specialize in this type of method to discuss your future home and the various financing options available.