Thursday, March 5, 2015

Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Bassinet Review and Giveaway

Having a new baby is both an exciting and overwhelming time as you scramble to make sure you have all of the needed essentials. When we were making our list of must have's this time around, a bassinet was at the top of our list. I am the kind of Mom who likes to keep her baby close but I am also hesitant to spend a ton of money since a bassinet is really only useful for a few months. This is why the Soothe n' Sleep Bassinet from Summer was the perfect choice for us. Summer sent us this product in the Lila print to try out and I could not have been more thrilled with it when it arrived.

Things We Like:

*Easy assembly 
*Wheels for easy portability from room to room
*Peaceful lullabies and calming sounds along with gentle vibration to help baby sleep 
*Beautiful design 
*Affordable at just $99.99 suggested retail 
*Adjustable canopy 
*Large storage basket to keep essentials stashed away but easily accessible 

Keeping your baby close to you is so important in those first few exhausting months and this is the perfect product to keep baby close but still in his/her own space. When it's time for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, your baby will be close and accessible so you can quickly attend to his/her needs.

This is definitely a must have on every baby registry. We are truly in love with it. If you are looking for a color other than pink, I would suggest the Soothe & Sleep Bassinet with Motion or the Bentwood or Classic Comfort styles. All offer great features at prices that are not going to break the bank that your new baby is sure to love!! 


One lucky reader is going to win their own Soothe & Sleep Bassinet!

*Review and Giveaway were provided by the company at no cost. All opinions are our own. Contest is open to US residents only. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls #GrapefruitBowl

*This post has been sponsored by DOLE through the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are our own* 

Here in our house, we are borderline obsessed with grapefruit. We eat fresh grapefruit with our meals and as a healthy snack throughout the day but when we are on the go or short on time, eating a grapefruit poses a challenge! While they are super yummy, the juices make them messy and cutting and eating them is time consuming. Thanks to DOLE, we can now enjoy grapefruit any time of day and even on the go with their Red Grapefruit Sunrise Fruit Bowls! In the mornings when I am in a hurry, this is now my go-to breakfast along with my favorite protein bar. I can also stick them in my husbands lunchbox for work so he can enjoy them away from home as a quick and convenient snack.

February is actually National Grapefruit Month so we have been getting our fill while they are in season but it's good to know we can find the DOLE Red Grapefruit Sunrise Bowls year round!  I don't normally buy fruit cups because they are generally filled with syrups and sweeteners but the new grapefruit bowls are 100% natural fruit and juice making them an even better choice. Each cup is filled with a peak-of-ripeness, peeled grapefruit and sealed in natural juices for a truly perfect snack. They are also naturally gluten free, GMO free, free of artificial sweeteners AND the cups are BPA free!  Find them in the canned fruit aisle at most grocery stores! For more info, go to 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Give a Gift, Get a Gift #playswell #swellsanta

love finding and sharing new products and I get to do that a lot through my blog and social media but there is a fresh new site in town that is taking sharing cool products to a whole new level. If you remember back in December, we shared the SwellSanta campaign by Playswell. 

Basically, we went to and shared an awesome product and then we actually purchased the product for someone else to receive. In return, they sent me a similar product in the same price range that someone else had submitted. 

I suggested my favorite Flip headphones because they have really helped me and my daughter connect. She is a tween and these days, music is one of the few things we have in common and with the Flip headphones we can rock out together! After I submitted the product, I sat patiently waiting to see what product I would get in return and I was so happy when the Deck showed up from Sol Republic! 

They had no idea what HUGE fans we are of Sol Republic so we thought it was really awesome that they sent this Bluetooth speaker so my daughter and I can continue bonding through music. 

Check it out at and let me know what you think!!! The idea right now is to fill the site with brag worthy products for others to love and appreciate too! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cute Valentines Day Fashion from Zutano

With 4 children and a baby on the way, we are slightly obsessed with over the top cute fashion for little ones. One of our favorite brands is and has always been Zutano and we are really smitten over their current line, especially the adorable selections that are perfect for Valentines Day. Check out their full line at and don't forget between February 13-17, you can save 14% off your order with code LOVE2015! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Design Trends For Building Your New Home

Like most things in life, house design goes through phases, with fads and looks that come and go. Just consider the chocolate brick fascination of the early 1980s, the weatherboard fixation of the ‘50s, or the brutal concrete of the ‘70s. Well, the good news is 2015 is a little more forward-thinking, with a focus on smart design that will endure well into the future while also being eco-friendly. Here are some design trends likely to be seen in the coming year. 
Smaller Houses, Smarter Design

Land availability is in a current state of flux with new areas opening up and being bought out rapidly. However, the general expansion of cities has resulted in homes typically taking up less space. For those looking to build, that means focusing on smaller houses with smarter design. Features to look out for include clever storage and study nooks that intelligently utilise space. It's worth visiting the display homes of leading home builders, such as Coral Homes, to see some examples of how contemporary home designs are doing more with less. 
Environmentally Friendly

No longer is environmentally friendly design solely for the rich and architects. It's now mainstream to ensure your property is energy-efficient and includes environmentally friendly features. More and more, designs are incorporating water tanks, solar panels, and insulation as we seek to harness the power of nature to make living easier on our environment and on our wallets. 
Multigenerational Living

Now, more than ever, home design is looking to the future during construction and this includes a focus on family needs. It is predicted that, in the next 10-20 years, more of us will be living in multi-generational homes that include older kids and ageing parents. Design is focused on ensuring these multi-generational needs are met with suitable living spaces and subtly separated sleeping zones. 
Open Plan

Open plan is set to stay in a nod to our busy lifestyles, where socialising, leisure, entertaining and outdoor living blend seamlessly in a functional and uncluttered space. That means dining rooms will continue to flow into lounge areas and kitchens in a combined space where most of the day-to-day interactions of family life will unfold. 
Kitchen at the Heart of the Home

As in previous years, the kitchen will be at the heart of the open plan home, remaining the site that the house revolves around. In design terms, this means the kitchen will overlook key living areas, while sleeping areas for home occupants may be separated by this central point. Functionally, this will provide the perfect space for entertaining and overseeing family life. This is also a nod to the importance being placed on food preparation in the modern world, with an increasing focus on where food comes from and how it is made.
Like anything, home design is subject to trends that emerge and fade, but the secret to good design is ensuring the needs of the future are considered. This will keep your home current and comfortable in the years beyond 2015.

Monday, January 26, 2015

What Is Your Germ Alter Ego?!

I am not going to lie, I have been a hot mess this winter. As soon as cold and flu season hit back in November, I turned into a crazy germaphobe. With 4 children plus myself being pregnant, we fall into the high risk category for complications from influenza so I was taking no chances this year. Lysol has been a staple in our house for many years but especially this year as we do our best to avoid all of the bugs going around. 

I was recently sent some Lysol products and a funny graphic showing all of the different Germ Alter Egos that Moms have and after careful consideration, I believe we could be a little bit of all 4 but mostly the Avoidenator. I do my best to limit our visits to public places mostly after a quick trip to the grocery left me disgusted at one of the employees who was sick and running a checkout! 

I appreciate the products that I received from Lysol and they will definitely help us get through the rest of flu season. I am most excited about the Lysol Disinfectant Spray To Go that I can carry in my purse and use on things like cart handles and in the bathroom while I am out and about. I already use the Lysol wipes on most surfaces in our home, especially door handles and areas that get touched a lot. We have also encouraged our kids to wash their hands more often. They take small hand sanitizers to school to use throughout the day and wash their hands a lot more at home. Take a look above and see which Germ Alter Ego you have and see what the solution is! 

*Thanks to Lysol for sending us samples and the info for this post. All opinions are our own* 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Spring/Summer Fashions from Florsheim Kids

I love it when a new season is around the corner because new styles come out from some of our favorite brands. This month we got a sneak peak at some of the new styles that are now available at Florsheim Kids and they even sent us a couple pair of our favorite styles to review.

I let our two younger boys browse the website themselves so they could pick out shoes that they really liked and I think they did a fantastic job with their choices. 

Our 4 year old chose the Flipside Slip Junior in orange and they are definitely Mom approved. First of all, the color is perfect for Spring/Summer. The orange is such a bright and fun color and if that's not your color, choose from one of the other fun colors this style is available in! These shoes are a great pick because they are slip on (score!) and they are totally versatile. Whether you are riding bikes, playing at the park or heading to the beach, the breathable terry cloth lining makes them a perfect fit for both style and comfort! For just $45, you can't go wrong with this shoe. 

Our 9 year old chose the Cove Mesh Jr in navy and these were also a huge hit. This style is also available in 5 different colors so you can find a color that fits your child's style and personality. Don't worry about getting these shoes wet this summer either because they feature a combo of mesh and waxy canvas making them cool and breathable through even the hottest months of Summer. 

Check out to see all of the fun new styles this upcoming season!

Giveaway: One lucky reader is going to win a $60 gift card to Florsheim! Please enter via the form below. Thanks to Florsheim for providing the products for review and giveaway to help facilitate this post. 

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Homegating for the Big Game with Gourmet Grillware

It's almost time for the Super Bowl and if you are football lovers like we are, you are probably busy making plans for how you will watch the big game. With 4 kids, we rarely actually go to any Super Bowl parties....instead, we opt to stay home and homegate! The kids and I have a ball creating a yummy menu with lots of fun snacks and then we spend the entire day in preparation of game time! This year we have a fun new way to cook up good food thanks to Gourmet Griller who sent us their awesome Gourmet Football Griller to try out! 

This is one seriously awesome piece to have in the kitchen and a must have for football fans! 

*Cook and serve on the same platter 

*Can be used on the grill, stovetop or in the oven 

*Keeps your cold food colder and your hot food hotter for longer periods of time 

*Lifetime warranty-very durable, easy to clean 

We wanted to put the football griller to the test so we made some of our favorite gameday fajitas for the playoffs this weekend. It was awesome that we were able to cook and serve on the same pan, making it a breeze to cleanup!  Check out the recipe below!

Gameday Fajitas 

Start by slicing 4-5 boneless skinless chicken breasts into strips and small pieces 

After cutting up the chicken, marinate for a minimum of one hour in a mix of 2 tbsp lime juice, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/2 minced jalapeño and one minced garlic clove.

After marinating, cook on the stovetop (hopefully in your awesome new Football Griller) with a small drizzle of olive oil until chicken is cooked through. Sauté in sliced bell peppers and onions for extra yummy flavor!

Cooking with the Football Griller was so easy and our chicken came out amazing! The best part was that I was able to carry the Griller to the table without switching it over to another dish. It was super easy to wash clean too which is a huge plus for me! 

Want to try out one of these bad boys yourself?? Win 1 of 5 via the entry form below! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to Prep Cloth Diapers for Use

If you are new to the cloth diapering world, you might be feeling overwhelmed at all of the choices and instructions but don't fear! We are here to help you get started. Our lesson today is going to be in prepping cloth diapers for use for the first time. When you open those packages of fluffy awesomeness you might be tempted to use them right away---BAD IDEA! Until your cloth diapers are properly washed, they will not be absorbent and will leave you with a big mess on your hands so patience will be key when you first get started! Not to mention, your diapers might also have excess oils or dirt residue from the manufacturing process so washing them at least a couple of times before use is better than nothing. 

*Do not wash synthetic materials together with natural fibers. Bamboo, cotton and hemp have natural oils that can build up on your synthetic material diapers and cause repelling meaning your diapers won't absorb. This is never good!

*Use a very small amount of cloth diaper detergent. I'm prepping new diapers right now as I type this and I am using BumGenius Cloth Diaper detergent. I use only a teaspoon when prepping and I don't use it every load. I will wash these diapers 6-8 times and will use detergent maybe just 2 of the times.

*If your washer has an option for an extra rinse cycle, take advantage of that! I always do an extra rinse with my cloth diapers whether I am prepping them or they are dirty. Always use the extra rinse cycle!

*There is no way of knowing if your diapers are fully prepped so I suggest washing 6-8 times before you use them, especially before using them at night time or during nap time!

*Its up to you if you dry between washings when prepping cloth diapers. I don't dry them. I just keep repeating the wash cycle and dry after the last wash is complete. 

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments below. While it does take a little effort to get your diapers ready to use, it's so worth it in the end!!! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Find the Latest and Greatest in Photography Gear at Best Buy #CamerasAtBestBuy

Tis the season for holiday parties and get together's which means making photo memories that can be preserved for generation after generation. For me it's not just about capturing those amazing moments but it's also about the ability to share them with friends and loved one's. If you have been on the lookout for a new camera or camcorder, look no further than Best Buy! We have outlined 3 of the newest camera's on the market below and all 3 are available at Best Buy! 

*DSLR with built in Wi-Fi for instant sharing

*Comes with an AF-S DX NICCOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II lens for sharper images and video footage. Optical image stabilization helps prevent blurring for the clearest image possible.

*Available in black, red or gray 

*Digital camera allows you to shoot, share and use Android Apps

*16.3 megapixel, 1/2.3" BSI CMOS sensor allows you to capture sharper images and hi def video footage. With a 4.8" touch screen and built in Wi-Fi, operation is simple and sharing files is a breeze. 

*Compact System with world's fastest autofocus 

*Sony Alpha A6000 features a 24.3 mexapixel, Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor that makes it easy to shoot scenes with clarity.

*Built in Wi-Fi allows you to easily share content across devices

*Available in black, white or silver

For Best Buys full line of camcorders and cameras, visit the Best Buy Holiday Gift Center

*The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free*

Monday, December 15, 2014

Making the Holidays Fun with #HoneyMaid #thisiswholesome

I have a confession to make. My family is absolutely, undeniably obsessed with Honey Maid graham crackers. Ever since my kids were little, it has been their favorite snack, choosing the graham crackers over their favorite cookies every time. This is my favorite time of year because the kids are all willing to join me in the kitchen for some holiday fun. We took an entire day last week just to make our favorite Honey Maid Graham Cracker treats! The lovely people at Honey Maid sent us a fabulous gift basket to help inspire us to come up with something yummy that we could share so the kids were all super excited!  If you need some recipe ideas, make sure you read below or visit the Honey Maid website!

Drew's Favorite: Grahamwiches. Simply spread peanut butter on one graham cracker and top with another. Quick and easy snack everyone can enjoy!

Emma's Favorite: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. Simply take a bowl and fill with your favorite yogurt and fruit and crumble 1-2 graham crackers on the top. She swears it's better than ice cream! 

Josh's Favorite: S'mores! It doesn't matter what time of year it is, my 2 little guys love s'mores. In the winter they can have a s'more in less than 20 seconds by popping half a marshmallow on a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate and sticking it in the microwave for 20 seconds. (Don't use a whole marshmallow or you will have a mess. We learned the hard way!!) If you are really adventurous, use different chocolates like mints and caramels. So yummy!! 

To see how quick and easy it is to make Holiday S'mores with Honey Maid Graham Crackers, watch this super quick video on YouTube!

Aidens Favorite: Gingerbread Houses. This is the perfect party idea for kids! If you are working with little ones, it's easier if you make the frame out of heavy cardstock and then attach the Honey Maid graham crackers to the frame with icing! You can do this ahead of time before the party and then let the kids decorate with a variety of candies and treats! We use frosting to add the goodies so the entire thing is edible. Can you say Sugar Buzz??? 

If you need some holiday inspiration, join the Twitter party on December 16 at 8pm ET for a chance to learn new recipes and maybe even snag a few prizes! Use hashtag #ThisIsWholesome #honeymaid 

RSVP at the link below!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

X Out Review

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for X Out. I received samples of X Out to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating."

Gone are the days where we have all little ones running around. We have entered a new stage in our home with two of our children moving into the teen years and to say we were not ready for it would be an understatement. I don't want my kids to grow up so I guess I pushed it out of my head as long as I could, or at least until I couldn't ignore it anymore. When I was growing up, I can remember starting Junior High a typical tween but by the time I left to go on to high school, I was an awkward teen with a huge issue....acne! Growing up bangs were all the rage so I especially had horrible breakouts on my forehead. It was humiliating. I felt ugly and made the problem worse by covering my face with makeup that only added to the problem. I dreaded this day for my own kids but I am feeling much more peace of mind now that I know there is something on the market just for them..... X Out  by the makers of Proactive!

X Out has a full line of products designed just for teens and we were able to try out the face wash, body bar, shine control and spot corrector. 

Our daughter has been using the products above for almost 6 weeks now and we are so impressed with the results.    After the first two weeks we didn't really see a difference but during the 3rd week we started seeing a significant difference. My daughters skin is much clearer and she has so much more confidence! 

The best part was that the system is super easy to use. The X Out wash-in acne treatment had a prescription grade acne medicine that penetrates deep in your pores to help stop breakouts even after you wash. You can use it as a wash 2 x's a day, as a spot treatment or as a mask. No matter how busy your teen is, this can be worked into their schedule. Our daughter is literally NEVER home but she still has plenty of time to use the products daily. 

If you are looking for an acne solution for your teen, check out XOut.Com! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monster 500 Toys Are Perfect for the Holidays

If you have children, chances are pretty good that you have been on the lookout for some cool new toys for this holiday season. If so, look no further than Monster 500!

Monster 500 is a line of collectible monster characters that drive cool vehicles and also includes two super freakish playsets. I would normally say this is a toy that your BOYS will love because it combines fast cars with gross characters but I was shocked to see that GIRLS enjoy playing with these toys as much as the boys....they are just that fun! If you have a smart phone, you can also bring the fun to the Monster 500 app where characters come alive in a cool racing game. Take a look below to see what all the Monster 500 collection includes!

Monster 500 Small Vehicles: There are 10 Monster 500 characters featured in their own freakish diecast vehicle and can be purchased in a single or 3-pack. Each car comes with its own trading card and a code that unlocks that car in the app. 

Monster 500 Large Vehicles: With four cars standing 4 inches tall and 5 inches long, the large vehicles include Zoom Zombie, CrocPot, Lead Foot and Flattop Frank. Sounds and lights are activated with a push of a button for added fun. 

Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set: With a quick press of the skull, the included Drac Attack vehicle can take on any other small Monster 500 vehicle, racing past a pendulum and into the jaws of an eye popping skull. A checkered flag indicates the winner! 

Monster 500 Toxic Terror Trap Playset: Alongside the included Evil Clownevil, you can smash through the doors of the freaky factory and beat the monster while avoiding the mutant gator! Place cars on the elevator to be brought back up to the beginning again. 

Monster 500 Racing App: Free in the App Store and on Google Play, pick up weapons, avoid spills and other obstacles as you fight your way to the finish line. 

My kids all loved the Monster 500 toys but my 4 year old and 9 year old boys were the most impressed. The gauntlet was their favorite. From a parent standpoint, the playsets were not that difficult to assemble and even though it seems like a lot of parts, once put together, these aren't toys you find scattered all over the house, at least we didn't!!! If you are still looking for fun toys for holiday gifts, hurry over to! 

*I am a Monster 500 Blogger Ambassador. This post is part of a sponsored campaign. I received compensation for my participation but the review and opinions are my own*

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Magic with Portable North Pole

With 4 children, I am constantly looking for ways to make Christmas more magical, especially now that we have children who are getting older and starting to question certain aspects of Christmas, especially Santa. This year we were thrilled to have been introduced to the Portable North Pole! From the very first time I visited the site, I knew this was going to be the perfect opportunity to bring the magic of Christmas back into our home.

Portable North Pole has free basic features with premium options available to add an extra bit of magic to your holidays. If you are looking for an awesome experience and possibly even a new tradition, this is one you won't want to pass up.

Free Video: Available online and as an app. Previously this option was $3.99 but this year it is absolutely FREE!

Premium: For $4 you can receive a more personalized version of the basic package including a longer video and 3 storylines to choose from. If you have more than one child, this is perfect because you can choose a different storyline for each child.

Holiday Pass: This is $9.99 and includes an unlimited number of premium videos and calls from Santa. This is an amazing value as you can have Santa call your children multiple times and you can create awesome videos for each of your children. 

The very first time we tried out the Portable North Pole, we were sold. Santa called our 4 year old and he was absolutely thrilled. The look on his face was priceless as Santa addressed him by name and reminded him to be good. Santa also tried to call one of our older children and I was worried when they didn't answer the phone and tried to call it back but if that happens, it's a voice recording just telling the kids that they missed a call from Santa and he will try them again soon.  My kids absolutely love the website especially The Verdict Machine where your children can find out if they are on the naughty or nice list!

Today was the very first time we tried out the personalized santa video and to say we were thrilled would be an understatement. We would love to share the Video we created for our toddler so you can get an idea of what you can create! We shared our video one time and since then, over a dozen of our friends have joined in the fun and have created their own videos!  It has been a huge hit among our circle for sure.

The PNP team has also pledged to donate 5% of all sales to kids hospitals in the purchases region. Last year over $75,000 was donated to charity! If you order soon you can use code BLG20BKP and save 20%!

Visit and get in on the action. Your children will absolutely love being a part of the Christmas magic!

My Data Manager App

With 4 smartphones in our house, we have a serious issue with data. Over the past several months our usage has continued to climb without any explanation. Last month, my husband and our two tween children used nearly 60GB of data which resulted in us having to increase our data plan not once but twice throughout the month. The worst part was, we could not pinpoint where the increase came from. All we could see was that each one of us had used more than the month before with our 2 children using more than double the data than my husband and I. It was kind of ironic that in the midst of this dilemma, we were introduced to the new app, My Data Manager, by Mobidia Technology.

My Data Manager offers a simple way to analyze data usage by offering real time monitoring of personal data usage. Users are able to view data usage for Roaming, Wifi and Home allowing users to see where they are using the most data and when. 

One of the most useful features I have found aside from the easy to read graphs and summaries is the alarm. You can set your data limit and as you get close to reaching that limit, it will let you know. If you are on Android, you will finally be able to see which apps have been eating up all of your data! You can even track the entire family through this one simple app which is going to be so useful to us to be able to see where our kids are using so much data!

If you have been considering a smart phone or other device for a child for Christmas, this is a great resource to use to help them keep data usage under control. Download it free today! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Christian Kitchen Sale

As we prepare for a new baby, we are also preparing for a kitchen overhaul in our home that is much needed. I was so excited when I saw that FamilyChristian.Com will have all of their kitchen gifts 40% off from now until Christmas Eve! We just ordered a ton of stuff that's on its way already from their amazing Black Friday sales and now I will be able to finish stocking up on some super cute stuff to finish updating our kitchen a little bit.

One of my favorite buys was the mini loaf pans that you can snag up for just $2.99! 

I also ordered this adorable measuring spoon set with the cross emblem on each spoon! I love having faith based products laying around that I use on a regular basis and since I constantly use measuring spoons and measuring cups, these are great! I also snagged up an adorable basket to go on my corner cabinet along with some new coffee mugs that all have faith based, inspirational quotes and verses on them. 

As soon as I get my order, I will do an updated post on how I used the stuff I ordered to give my kitchen a fresh new look! In the meantime, head over to FamilyChristian.Com and check out these amazing gifts. If you still have list minute shopping to do for the holidays or just want to get yourself something special, these products are super inexpensive and perfect for just about anyone on your list! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sol Punk: Little Speaker, Big Sound

Music is everything around our house. It doesn't matter which room you walk into, someone is always listening to music. We have had a lot of speakers in our house but our favorite brand, hands down, is Sol Republic and they have made a huge impression in our house with the new Punk wireless bluetooth speaker

When this speaker no bigger than my hand showed up on our doorstep, I was leery. After all, we were used to the much bigger Deck from Sol Republic. Within a couple of minutes we had it paired with my iPhone and ready to put it to the test and to say we were impressed.....understatement of the year! We were immediately impressed with not only how loud this small speaker was but the quality of the sound was amazing. Even better, this bad boy is only $69.99 making it what we think is probably the best Bluetooth speaker on the market. Hands down. With 8 hours of battery life, a wireless range of up to 60 feet and the fact that it's water, dust and shock resistant, what else could you possibly ask for in a wireless speaker?  This is a 5 star product that is a MUST HAVE on every holiday list. If you have a music lover on your list, look no further. This is a product that you cannot pass up. Visit SolRepublic.Com and snag a couple of these up quick. I can't see these lasting long! 


One lucky reader is going to win a Punk Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from Sol Republic!

*Review and giveaway products were provided at no cost via the company and/or representing PR firm. All opinions belong to Crazy House Reviews*

Gift Sets from Skip Hop for the Holidays

We are huge fans of high quality toys in our house and Skip Hop has been among my favorite brands for as long as I can remember. If you still have little one's to shop for this holiday season, I highly recommend you check out SkipHop.Com

 With a new baby on the way, I have already been working on his/her toy collection and I was so excited when we received the Musical Owl Phone and Hedgehog Accordion this week! Skip Hop goes above and beyond in the "cute" department and their designs are truly one of a kind and these two new toys did not disappoint! Not only are they totally cute but they were made perfectly with little hands in mind! 

Check out the rest of their hedgehog collection. Seriously, have you seen anything so cute? 

No matter what age of child you are shopping for, Skip Hop has something perfect for everyone. If you aren't in the market for baby toys, they have a variety of gift sets for kids of all ages. Even better, this weekend you can save between 20-30% off depending on how much you spend so be sure to check out their website and stock up on those last minute gifts! 

Be sure to like the Skip Hop Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter @SkipHop too so you never miss a deal! They always have great giveaways on their social media sites too! 

*Thanks to the company and/or representing PR firm for supplying the products to use in this review. All opinions belong to us here at Crazy House Reviews!*

Online Black Friday Deals We Love

Black Friday is upon us and if you are in the market for some great gifts, we want to share a few of our favorite companies with you! Best of all, with these there will be no long waits in line, no crowds to fight and you can shop from your own home in your pajamas! That is my favorite kind of Black Friday shopping. 

Joovy: If you are in the market for some seriously cool baby or toddler gear, Joovy is offering an amazing discount of 30% off  from now until December 1st with Coupon Code: JoovyThankful 
Visit Joovy.Com to see the latest and greatest from one of our favorite companies on the market. 

Haba has marked down a ton of their toys for Black Friday PLUS they are offering an additional 25% off meaning you can score some serious deals! Visit the Haba Sale Page and use Coupon Code blackfri2014 valid until 11:59 p.m. November 28 and Coupon Code cyber2014 valid from 11/30 to 12/1. 

SkipHop is offering some amazing deals on their goodies all weekend long! 
Spend between $0-$40.99 receive 20% off
Spend between $41-$74.99 receive 25% off
Spend more than $75 receive 30% off
Free gift of a Zoo Storage Bin Owl for all purchases over $50!
Visit www.SkipHop.Com to shop! 

Have a happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Enjoy a Modern Visit with Santa with Santa's HQ

The holiday season has officially arrived and if you are like me, you are already searching for ways to make the season magical for your children. Our annual tradition includes a visit to Santa, of course, but this year, HGTV is unwrapping "Santa HQ" at malls across our country, giving children an interactive journey that promises to bring the excitement of Christmas to a whole new level!

From Tuesday, Nov 4 through Christmas Eve, HGTV and Macerich will present a one of a kind experience by pairing the latest technology with an authentic holiday experience. Visitors can take an "Elfie Selfie" and star in their own holiday video, explore Santa's Observatory using Elf-Ray vision, test out the Naughty O' Nice Meter and enjoy a memorable photo with Santa. 

Visit the Santa HQ site to make a reservation and get a sneak peak into this amazing experience. Walk ups are also available so if you don't get around to making a reservation, that's okay too! Santa HQ will be at the following Macerich properties so if there is a place near you, I highly recommend you plan a visit! Santa HQ is now available at the following locations:

Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, Conn.

Deptford Mall in Deptford Township, NJ

Vintage Faire in Modesto, California 

Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, California

FlatIron Crossing in Broomfield, Colorado 

Washington Square in Portland, Oregon 

Lakewood Center in Lakewood, California 

Tysons Comer Center near Washington D.C.

Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Arizona

Scottsdale Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona 

This is definitely an experience your children will not soon forget!!!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

10 Ways to Show Her You Still Care

My husband and I just celebrated 14 years of being married last month and it brought up a great conversation with friends and family on how we have managed to stay in love all of these years. I can honestly hasn't been easy! It has taken a lot of patience, forgiveness and communication and a lot of work on both of our parts. Below are some of the little things that my husband has done for me over the years to show me he still cares! 

1.) If you want to keep her, treat her like you are still trying to win her! Small gestures to show you care go a long way. Pick up her favorite candy on your way home from work or find a place with cheap flower delivery

2.) Tell her you love her. Far too often we assume our loved one's know we love them but it's still nice to hear every now and again. 

3,) Show her affection. Hold her hand. Hug her. Kiss her. Make her FEEL loved.

4.)  Listen to her when she talks. Let her know that you care about what she has to say.

5.) Let her pick the movie. Let's face it. I know you don't want to watch romance movies but how happy would it make her to let her know you are willing to watch something just because she is?

6.) Leave a love note for her before you leave for work or somewhere she will find it later. 

7.) Cook dinner for her every once in awhile. Plan it ahead of time and let her know she has the night off.

8.) Help her out with the chores if she is the one who normally does the housework. Surprise her with a clean house when she comes home or get up early on the weekend and do it before she gets up.

9.) Help out with the kids. Nothing makes me love my husband more than when he helps out with our 4 children. Whether he is helping me get kids get to their sports practices or helping our 4 year old get dressed, nothing makes me happier than when my husband takes an active role with our children.

10.) Love unconditionally, apologize when you are wrong and forgive even when it's hard. 

Relationships take a lot of work. Don't think that once you get married, you get to stop doing all of the things you did before when you were just dating. Take her out and treat her the same as you did when you were courting. Don't ever stop doing the small things because in the end, these are the things that matter. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sol Republic #MMMDI

Music is an amazing thing and holds a lot of power. It's crazy how a single song can bring you back to a moment in your life that holds a special memory whether it be something that made you feel happy, sad, angry, or even scared.  Many times I will be driving down the road and a song will come on the radio and it will immediately take me back to a moment in time. I can recall every memory of that moment just from hearing a song. I have always looked at music as a source of inspiration. When I'm feeling down and need a pick me up, I will crank up happy music to get me in a better mood. When I need motivation to get up and get moving, I can turn on an upbeat song to get my juices flowing and motivate me to be active. Nearly every one of us should be able to think back at a memory that music has inspired, a Music Made me Do It moment. One thing that I can remember vividly in my mind is an old Boyz II Men song from the 90's, It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday is the name of the song. Recently it aired on The Voice television show and it immediately brought me back to 1995 on my last day of 7th grade when a close friend of mine was killed in a car accident. Music is truly a powerful thing!

Sol Republic recently launched a brand new promotion called Music Made me Do It, or #MMMDI to encourage people to reflect back into a time in their lives where music has made an impact. Check out their video below!


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Monday, November 3, 2014

Taking Care of Energy Leaks in Your Home

Winter is going to be here before we know it and the drop in temperature here in Ohio in the past week has reminded me of all we still need to do to get our house ready before the really cold temps arrive. For the most part our home stays heated pretty good but one half of the house is older than the other and it tends to be on the cooler side. I have often wondered if we have some energy leaks ourselves and I am guessing we probably do. Check out the info graphic below and see if you can find some helpful hints on how to save energy in your home this winter!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Choosing a Flooring Option for Your Home

The holidays are around the corner and if you are like me, you probably have unfinished projects around the house that need to be finished up before you are able to host those holiday parties. We have been in the middle of refinishing our den for awhile now and we were just discussing the need to finish it up in the next month or so before Thanksgiving and Christmas and the topic of flooring came up. Right now the den is only one of two rooms in our home that is carpet and to be honest, I'm not a real fan of it. The rest of the house is beautiful hardwood flooring so we have been looking for some different type of flooring and we were so impressed when we saw some of the options available on the market!

Engineered Walnut Flooring is a beautiful option that is becoming increasingly popular in homes today. Not only are the absolutely beautiful but they are a great investment that add value to your home as well. We don't plan on living in this house forever so we need to think about the future when we get ready to sell as well. With walnut being one of the most durable flooring options on the market, this would be a good option for us since our floors see a lot of traffic. 

Another option would be unfinished oak flooring. We currently have oak floors in our home but they were in really rough shape when we bought the house so we had to have them refinished when we moved in. We had them stripped down to bare oak and it gave us so many options on how to finish them. We ended up going with a beautiful cherry finish with a semi gloss on the top and they ended up absolutely beautiful. If we go with unfinished oak flooring, we can use the same stain and finish to make our den floors match the rest of our house which I think would be amazing. Below is a picture of one of the bedrooms in our home when the floors were unfinished so basically we had a blank canvas to do whatever we wanted with. 

After our den is finished, we have plans to refinish our kitchen but that is down the road for sure. There is no way we can tackle that before the holidays get here but it will definitely be a good project to start after the holidays! 

Do you have any unfinished projects in your house that you need to get finished before the holidays? Comment below and let us know what's going on in your home! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SOHO Click Connect Travel System from Graco

When it comes to baby gear, there are certain products that are more important than others. At the top of my list is a high quality travel system. When it comes to making such an important purchase, there are many things we look at but one of the most important to me is the brand. Graco is a brand we have trusted since the birth of our first child in 2002 so we were pretty excited when the Graco SOHO Click Connect Travel System arrived on our doorstep a couple of weeks ago! We received the Presley pattern and we are over the moon excited about it. 

One of the most notable things that I can tell you right off the bat is that the assembly is every mother's dream. When I opened the box, I almost did a cartwheel at the sight of a nearly assembled stroller. The car seat was completely assembled and ready to go and all I needed to do to complete the stroller was to add the wheels, fasten the basket on and add the front tray. SCORE! 

I have had a lot of travel systems and one of the most frustrating things I have ran into is using the infant seat in the stroller. Most strollers require the use of an adapter to use the infant seat but not this one. I have never seen such an  easy system to use. You don't even have to take the tray off of the front! All I did was recline the seat back and the car seat snapped right into the top of the stroller! When you are trying to get a baby into a stroller and you have other kids, especially toddlers who you are trying to keep track of, this is a lifesaver. 

More notable features:

*Includes the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat

*Stroller weighs only 17.5 pounds

*Instant Motion offers a quick, one-hand compact fold

*3 position reclining seat

*Holds a child up to 50 pounds. To put that into perspective, my 4 year old weighs less than 40 pounds so this stroller is going to last you from infancy until well into toddlerhood. 

*Single front-swivel wheels for enhanced maneuverability

*Extra large storage basket 

*Parent's tray with storage and 2 cup holders

*Removable child's tray with 2 cup holders 

*Convertible 3 or 5 point harness to grow with your child 

*MSRP $329.99 

This is definitely a must have for every new Mom! If you are expecting or have just had a baby, definitely put this bad boy on your gift registry because it is the cream of the crop in travel systems. I have had countless strollers in the 12 years since I first became a Mom and this is hands down one of the best travel systems that I have ever had. 

Oh, and while we are here talking about this awesome stroller, let me also take a second to share some big news with our readers!

That's right! We just found out that we are expecting baby #5 sometime in May of 2015! So be sure and stick around because we will have a lot going on here in the next several months! 


One lucky reader is going to receive their own SOHO Click Connect System from Graco! 

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My Pregnancy: Week 5

In case you missed the announcement, we just found out we are expecting baby #5! I am very early in my pregnancy at only week 5 but can't wait to share this journey with you all! 

My Week 5 Pregnancy Symptoms:

*Tired-I just celebrated my 33rd birthday this week yet I feel like a grandma with my sleep patterns. 

*I feel like all I do is pee 

*Breasts are heavy and sore to the touch 

*Moody! I feel like I have PMS times 10 on some days. Hopefully the hormones calm down here in the next little bit for my entire family's sake. 

*No food cravings or aversions and no nausea yet. WOO HOO! 

The other kids have been asking me about what the baby looks like right now. They were a little disappointed when I showed them the picture below. LOL My 9 year old asked me "what's wrong with it?" HA! It's going to be a fun 9 months. 

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