Saturday, September 26, 2015

Doctor on Demand Diet Review

As most of our regular readers already know, we welcomed our 5th child back in May. Since then, I have seriously been struggling with my weight. Within weeks of having her, I was already back to my pre-pregnancy weight but lack of sleep on top of a baby who was pretty colicky and it didn't take long for my weight to start creeping back up. A couple of weeks ago, I came to realize that I had 2 choices. Go shopping and buy bigger clothes or go on a diet. It worked out perfect that around that same time, I got a message in my inbox that a new diet book was being released in November, the Doctor on Demand Diet. Many of you might be familiar with the Doctor on Demand app and this is a companion to that. It provides a customized eating, exercise and behavior plan that was created to help readers be successful without eliminating the major food groups.

This diet begins with a 10-day CleanStart phase that is designed to help readers learn to control hunger while eating higher protein foods while reducing fat and carbs. Next is the 10-day- Customize your Carbs phase that personalizes your eating plan to match your metabolic profile. The final phase, the Cycle for Success phase creates a flexible plan for continued weight loss while preventing plateaus. Throughout the book you find practical advice, stories of actual patients as well as quizzes and questionnaires to help you customize your plan even more. Of course my favorite part is the meal plans and recipes in the back of the book. 

So that's it. The book showed up on my doorstep this week and I knew it was just what I needed to help kickstart me in the right direction again. The book will be available in November but I hope you all will check back in with me as I go through the plan so I can share how well it is working with me and my friends!

*We received a complimentary copy of The Doctor on Demand Diet to help facilitate this review, however, all opinions belong to the owners of this site* 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Award Winning Baby Essentials from

Having five children over the last 13 years has been a great experience because we have been able to watch the market for baby and children's gear grow with each child. I am so impressed with the products that are available on today's market with our latest addition vs with our first child 13 years ago and the innovation continues to grow. is one of those companies that is blazing a new trail in innovative baby essentials and we were excited to have the chance to check out a couple of their feeding products. 

It's hard to believe that right around the corner, our baby will already be eating solids. It seems like she was just born and now we are preparing for her to start eating baby food. The Fresh Food Feederfrom is one product that we are really looking forward to using. These are awesome to get baby used to new tastes and textures while allowing them to enjoy FRESH foods. The handle is made perfectly for little hands to hold and the entire thing is BPA free. The fresh food feeder comes with 2 extra mesh bags which is a huge plus so you don't have to purchase additional feeders. Just this one will do and it's less than $8! It's also dishwasher safe which is always a plus. 

These are also perfect for teething if your baby isn't eating solids yet. You can pop a couple ice cubes made out of breast milk or water into these feeders and baby gets relief and a cool treat. Win win!

The other product that we received is their awesome Travel Bib and Spoon! I can remember with my other kids that I would always take containers of baby food and then I would have a sandwich baggy that would hold spoons. The Travel bib and spoon is an all in one product that eliminates the need for a plastic baggy. After baby eats, everything rolls up into the pouch and then zips closed. All messes are contained until you get home where you can wash it out and get it ready to use again. Genius! 

In addition to the two products we received, also has a great new line of Neon Sippy Cups. They are dishwasher safe, spill proof and come with easy to grip handles and a weighted straw so that baby can drink no matter how the cup is tilted. Super cool. is an Australian company that was founded in 2007. Their award winning collection includes the Essentials Sippy Cup, Diaper Wallet, Baby Bottle and Dispenser, Diaper Caddy, Travel Bib and Flexible Spoon, Snack Pack, Mesh Feeder and Baby Spoon. For more info on any of these products, visit 


One lucky reader is going to win their own Neon Sippy Cup from!

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Rockboard Scooter Original Review and Giveaway

With 5 kids, I am always on the lookout for fun new toys to get them outside and playing, especially now that we are homeschooling. When we were offered an Original Rockboard Scooter for the kids to try out, we were pretty excited and couldn't wait for it to get here. 

When the scooter arrived, I thought it would be a great learning experience for our oldest 2 boys if I allowed them to read the directions and get it ready to ride (with my supervision, of course). As soon as the box arrived, they got to work on it and I was impressed that within 10 minutes, they were ready to rock! They are 10 and 13 so this should tell you something. The scooter came fully assembled and it just took a couple steps to have it ready to ride. 

The original is for ages 8 and up. If you have younger children, you will want to check out the smaller version of the original, the Mini. This scooter can be used in traditional kick scooter mode and then can be easily transformed into Rock mode which is, of course, my kids favorite way to ride. The Rockboard scooter uses advanced rockboard propulsion technology to allow the deck to move back and forth as you ride. The original comes in 4 colors and can hold a single person up to 200 pounds. 

Summer might technically be almost over but there are still plenty of months to get outside and enjoy the fresh air here in Ohio and this has been a perfect way to keep our kids active. Check out the video below to see the Rockboard Scooter in action!


One lucky reader is going to win a Rockboard Original Scooter of their own!

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Graco Nimble Nook Pack 'n Play Review

When we found out we were expecting last year, I knew that a Pack 'n Play was a must have on our list. It had been awhile since we had a baby in the house, however, so I had no idea how Pack 'n Plays had changed over the years and that there was such a huge selection to choose from now. They were really basic when we first started having kids 13 years ago! Graco literally offers Pack 'n Plays in every shape, size and color now. You can go for basic or completely over the top depending on what you are looking for and needing. We ultimately went for one that had everything we needed all in one. It's a spacious play yard that comes with a bassinet, changing table and a removable bouncy seat. What more could you ask for? What I quickly learned, however, was that I didn't like to take it up and down and I didn't like to move it around. With 5 kids, I just don't have that kind of time. Our Pack 'n Play is permanently set up in our den where I use it more than any other baby product in the house and I absolutely LOVE it and do not regret our decision for that playard for a minute but it's just not practical for me to take on the go. With both of our parents living pretty good distances away, we travel a lot and we recently realized that we need something much more compact and basic for travel. Something that easily goes up and down, doesn't take up a lot of room and can be easily moved from one room to another. What we needed was the Graco Nimble Nook Pack 'n Play.

The Nimble Nook Pack 'n Play is perfect for families on the go or families who don't have a lot of extra space. The slim, lightweight design with integrated wheels makes it perfect whether you are just moving it room to room or you are taking it out of the house. This has been such a lifesaver for us! I love being able to keep Adalynn close no matter what I am doing in the house. If I need free hands while cooking dinner, I can pull it into the kitchen. If I am folding and putting away laundry, I can effortlessly bring it into our bedroom. If we want to pack up at the last minute and take off to one of our parents houses for the weekend, it can be folded up and ready to go in a matter of minutes. We can even easily move it to the patio when we want to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It truly is exactly what we needed! 

The best part about this Pack 'n Play is that it still has awesome features even though it's small. For less than $100, you are getting a perfect resting or playing spot for your little one. It has a bassinet that can be used for a baby up to 15 pounds (we are pushing that right now so we won't be using this feature much longer!) and the bassinet has a built-in two-speed vibration making it a great soothing spot for your baby. I really wish we had gotten this before Addy was born because it's perfect for a newborn. After the bassinet comes out, the playard is wider at the bottom so it gives bigger babies/toddlers more space to sleep and play. It's recommended from newborn up to around 35" tall or when your child is able to climb out. 

Even with all of these great features, it still folds up and takes up less room than any other Pack 'n Play we have seen. If you live in a smaller house or apartment, this would be a great choice. Being a family of 7, we don't have a lot of room to take along extra gear when we are traveling so this is wonderful for us. We HIGHLY recommend the Nimble Nook Pack 'n Play from Graco! 

*Product was supplied to us to help facilitate this review. All opinions belong to the owners of this site* 

Stay Organized This School Year and Enter to Win a Year's Supply of Teeth Care Products from GEDC

A new school year is now in session and if you are anything like me, you are probably still trying to get into the groove of things, especially since Fall sports are also in full spring. Being organized is key this time of year if you want things to run smoothly so we want to pass along some organization tips from Great Expressions Dental Centers!

  1. Utensil Trays. Utensil trays can hold more than just kitchen utensils. Place a tray in your bathroom for organized, sanitary toothbrush, toothpaste and floss storage.
  2. Shoe boxes.  It can be difficult to find the mouthwash when it’s thrown in with everything else. Give your shoe boxes another life and fit them into the cabinets and drawers for more compartmental storage.
  3. Towel Bars. The back of your bathroom door can be used for drying and hanging multiple towels. To use this space efficiently, install towel bars vertically below each other. 
  4. Book shelves. Backpacks are likely to hit the ground once the children come home from school. A book shelf can serve as multi storage space for shoes on the bottom shelf and backpacks on the top. 
  5. Mason Jars. Mason jars are good for liquids, but they’re even better for writing utensils! Place a mason jar on each office desk to track all the pencils during the school year.
  6. Picture Frames. It can be hard to keep the house tidy if we don’t remember what to tidy up! Write on a picture frame with a dry erase marker to keep track of your family’s ‘to-do’ list and dental appointments.


Taking care of your teeth is also essential so GEDC would like to give 5 lucky readers a year supply of tooth care products. Prize packs will include:

16 Toothbrushes 
25 Toothpaste
25 Floss
25 Mouthwash 

*Information and prize packs were provided by the company and/or representing PR firm at no cost. All opinions belong to the owners of this site* 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stroll in Style with the City Mini GT from Baby Jogger

Getting back into shape after having a baby is hard work. Our newest arrival is almost 4 months old already and I am nowhere near where I should be with my weight-loss progress. After she was born, I lost the weight immediately but doing nothing but snuggling took its toll and before I knew it, my weight had crept right back up. Many Moms face this same dilemma every single day. I talked to a mom a couple of weeks ago and she was telling me about her struggle with "baby weight" and her youngest was 18 months old. The struggle is REAL! 

Walking, along with a healthy diet, is one of the easiest ways that I have found to lose weight fast. Walking has so many health benefits to both you and your baby and aside from a good stroller and a pair of tennis shoes, it's expensive gym membership is needed. Around my parts, I am known as the "baby gear queen" with a specialty in strollers so when my friends and family come to me and ask me for recommendations, I love to be able to suggest products that will help them accomplish their goals. Most recently, we were sent the City Mini GT from Baby Jogger and to say we were impressed is an understatement. 

First of all, when I open any big box and there isn't a bag of parts, I do a dance because this means minimal assembly. When I opened the City Mini GT, I was greeted with a fully assembled frame and all that was left to assemble was the wheels and the canopy. They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression and my first impression of this stroller was extremely positive. Like any Mom with a new toy, I didn't want to waste any time with assembly, I wanted to play. Within 5 minutes, probably even less than that, we were ready to go! 

Oh how I wish I could invite you all into my driveway to take the City Mini GT for a spin. Since I can't, I can only recommend that you run to your nearest retailer and pick one up for yourself. Aside from the all-terrain wheels that will take you wherever your feet want to go, including the rougher roads less traveled, the City Mini GT has the features that parents today want and need. I am really impressed with the hand-operated parking brake and adjustable handlebar that adjusts to each parents height. It's small touches like these that make this stroller unique and a must have. But we are just getting started. My single favorite feature of this stroller is THE FOLD! I can't tell you how many strollers I have returned to the store because they were a nightmare to fold. I am a Mom of 5 and I am always on the go and almost always in a rush so I do not have time to wrestle with a complicated stroller that won't fold up. With a pull of a handle, it folds flat instantly. 

Moving on, next up is the comfy seat the reclines to a nearly flat position. Your sweetie is safe inside under the 50+ UV sun canopy and retractable weather cover. Additional accessories that we also received to try out included a car seat adapter, parent console, child tray and weather shield. I love that these are offered separately so you can purchase only the accessories you are actually going to use. The weather shield is perfect to have on hand if you get caught out in the weather. Our boys play soccer and football and there is nothing worse than being parked far away from the field when inclement weather strikes. The weather shield stashes away nicely in the basket underneath so it's readily accessible if we should ever need it. I personally think the parent console is a must have accessory as well. I always have a drink that needs a cup holder and having a place to stash keys, cell phones and small amounts of cash is always nice when we are out and about. Right now since Addy is 4 months old, the child tray isn't a necessity but it will be nice to have when she is a little bit bigger! I checked out the Baby Jogger website to see if they had any other accessories that I might like to have and I definitely have my eye on a pram now! 

A high quality stroller is a must have for every parent and we highly recommend the City Mini GT from Baby Jogger. The fact that you can use it up to 65 pounds (That's just under the size of my 10 year old) means that you are going to get so much life out of this stroller. If you are expecting, this is definitely something you want to have on your registry. Check out to check out the City Mini GT and the rest of their great strollers! I think it's important to note that this stroller is NOT for jogging so if you are looking for a jogging stroller (which is next on our list!!) you will want to check out their line of joggers.

*Product was provided to us via the company and/or PR firm to help facilitate this review. All opinions belong to the owners of this site* 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Safari Tales App Both Entertains and Educates

As a Mom of 5, I am constantly on the lookout for fun, educational games that are going to keep my children entertained and engaged. Far too often we fill our devices with pointless apps that are nothing more than a waste of time for our children. Every once in awhile, however, I do actually come across a high quality app that is both Mom and Kid approved and I am excited to share one of those with you today. 

Safari Tales is an adorable app that aims to enhance literary skills in young children. Geared towards  children ages 4-10, Safari Tales opens up a 3D world for kids to discover and explore. Upon downloading, you are prompted to enter a name and age which tailors the game to your child's level.

Players can then go on different adventures, completing different tasks like finding animals in different worlds. They can get creative and change the color of their animal too. In one adventure my son had to find red berries and change the color of his animal to red so it really enforces basic skills like colors as well. 

Some of the different things we did in the game included riding waterfalls, feeding animals and playing a fun catapult game. We also stumbled across an animal band and made music! 

At the end of game play, a story is created based off of what your child did in the game that session. This has to be the coolest part in my opinion as children can go back and recall everything they did which is a really neat feature. As I was reading a tale with my 5 year old, he was fist pumping and telling me "I did that!" 

I love the game character Darwin as he is available to help answer questions that kids might have during game play. For instance, I was just playing with my little guy and we turned the wheels to  join the words "Where is the baby leopard" and then he provided footprints for us to follow in the game to find it! 

There have only been a couple of apps that I can recall that have truly captured my sons attention but we can now happily add Safari Tales to that list. It was such a big hit, in fact, that we had to purchase it on our son's Kindle so that I could have my iPhone back. As of today, he had racked up 24 stickers and 4 awards in the game and he was pretty proud of that! If we give a recommendation for a product or service, you can bet that it is one that we truly stand behind and Safari Tales is an app that I would recommend to every parent who has a little one. For $3.99 you are going to get countless hours of educational game time and you just can't be that. 

Safari Tales is available on the following platforms: 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Make Any Cup Spill-proof with Siliskin Straw Tops from Silikids

As a parent, we have all most likely been there. You give your toddler a cup without a lid and within minutes, you have a big mess on your hands. I can't tell you how many times this has been the story of my life, especially during times when we have been trying to transition over to a big kid cup. Messes happen. It's inevitable. But Silikids has come to save the day, or at least part of the day, with their amazing straw tops. Any time, any where, you can take an ordinary cup and make it a spill proof straw-top with the Siliskin Straw Tops. 

When the package arrived, I took one look at them and decided in my mind that there is no way this little thing was going to stretch over the top of our cups. They were so small and even being stretchy, there was just no way. But I was wrong. Within literally seconds, we had transformed a regular, plastic, open top cup into a cup that is totally safe to give our toddler no matter where we are at. And he loved it! It gave him the freedom of a big boy cup without us having to watch his every move to make sure he didn't knock it over. After having 5 children and 13 years of motherhood under my belt, it takes a lot to impress me but I am impressed. This idea is genius and I truly can't believe it took someone so long to put such a simple idea to use! 

If you are a parent of a baby or toddler, I suggest you check out Silikids STAT! Silikids is the first mom-founded brand focused on the creation of products that are safe, modern and everything is made entirely out of silicone. Combining innovation with the technological advances of silicone, they continue to make their mark on today's children's market. The Silikids collection now includes Siliskin Tops, Silibib, Siliskin Glasses, Siliskin Sippy, Silimap, Siliskin Bowl, Silispoon, and Silibags. For more info, you can visit


One lucky reader is going to win their own set of Silikids cup toppers! 

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MAM #MyBirthReality Contest

The birth of a baby is a big deal and of course every mom has her own idea of how the birth will go. As we know, things seldom go as planned though, no matter how much we plan. As our readers know, we recently welcomed our fifth child into our family and her birth was definitely not as planned. First of all, she arrived fashionably late several days after her due date. I went into labor around midnight on a Friday night and had to send my husband to my sisters to pick up our daughter and niece to come home to watch our other children before we could even go to the hospital. We didn't make it to the hospital until after 1:00 am and I thought I had plenty of time before she would be born. My Mom and sister arrived a little after 2:00 am and by that time I realized my labor was progressing much more quickly than I thought it would. I did not want an epidural so I asked the nurse to give me a birthing ball to help me relax and to help with the labor pain. At that time they also gave me a shot to help with nausea and pain. That's pretty much the last thing I remember before she was born. I suddenly felt the urge to push so the nurse checked me and I was nearly fully dilated and they had not even called the doctor yet! My doctor was out of town so I had to settle for the on-call doctor. The nurse ordered me off of the ball and back into the bed to try and slow down labor but this baby wasn't waiting. The doctor arrived at 4:00 AM and Adalynn Grace was born just 15 minutes later. Trust me, I am not complaining about the quick labor but I'm still astonished how fast everything moved. At the end of the day, it didn't matter that things didn't go exactly as planned. We had a beautiful baby girl who we were absolutely in love with! 

Now MAM is inviting you to share your birth story in their #MyBirthReality contest where three winners will each win a $100 MAM gift card and a $50 pack of MAM goodies! Visit the official link for rules and to enter. The contest ends September 4th so don't delay! 

Good luck! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Purina Pro Plan #MenAndCatsContest

 Do you know an extraordinary man with a cat?

Purina Pro Plan is shredding perceptions of both traditional cat food and who typically loves cats by launching the Purina Pro Plan #MenAndCatsContest to celebrate the new Savor Shredded Blend.
Purina Pro Plan is working to change the perception of dry cat food by introducing Savor Shredded Blend, an all-new mealtime experience that combines crunchy kibble and tender meaty shreds to provide both extraordinary nutrition and exceptional taste.

In order to change how people think of who typically loves cats, Purina Pro Plan is partnering with proud cat guy and “Devious Maids” actor Gilles Marini to search for extraordinary men who own and love cats. We are asking that people nominate the cat guys in their lives or that those extraordinary cat guys out there enter themselves by sharing a photo of them with their cat on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #MenAndCatsContest and tagging @ProPlanCat from August 31 – September 14. Those men could be featured in the 2016 Purina Pro Plan Extraordinary Men and Cats Calendar and win a year’s supply of Savor Shredded Blend.

The calendars will be used to raise funds for rescue groups nationwide through the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue network.

For entry details and eligibility requirements and to learn more about Savor Shredded Blend, visit  and let’s not only change the perception of who loves cats, but also help rescue organizations across the country find loving, permanent homes for cats just like theirs.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Miles from Tomorrow Land Toys from Tomy

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If you have a toddler and cable television, chances are you have a fan of the Disney Junior show, Miles from Tomorrowland in your house. What's not to love about watching the interstellar missions of Miles and the Mighty Merc? Now your child has a couple more reasons to be excited thanks to all new Miles from Tomorrowland toys from Tomy

Our little guy was pretty stoked when the Superstellar Blastboard found its way to our front doorstep. We have had a lot of rain here in Ohio this Summer which has resulted in a lot of inside time and this has definitely kept him occupied on those days where we couldn't get outdoors. With fun lights, sounds and music, the Superstellar Blastboard offers 3 different game modes to help your child blast through the cosmos, just like Miles. 

Surf mode: Follow directions to keep up with Miles 

Light Speed: Lean towards the flashing lights

Let's Race: Allows your child to move with the music however they choose

Along with the blastboard is Maximum Miles, the 10 inch talking action figure toy that is also available from Tomy. Maximum Miles comes with his own Blastboard, Laserang and a removable helmet and says 8 key phrases from the show. 

If you have a Miles from Tomorrowland fan in your house, check out the whole line of toys from

Travel with Toddlers Made Easy with the ZoomKIT

*Complimentary product samples were provided to us to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own* 

If you are a parent, you already know the struggle of traveling with toddlers and children in general. A few years ago, we made the drive from Ohio to Florida for vacation with 4 children and to say it was crazy is definitely an understatement. Trying to occupy young children on the road is difficult enough but when you are also trying to keep them fed to minimize stops along the way, things can get a little messy. Parents can rest easy now that ZoomKIT has hit the market! ZoomKIT is a table top system that allows easy and organized transport of art supplies, food, toys, etc. making traveling with children so much easier. ZoomKIT isn't just for travel though. It can work wherever your child goes and works with interchangeable kits so all of your child's needs are met. 

Current Available Kits:

ZoomSNACK: Bento-styled lunch box with tethered no-drop spork and hinged lid that is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

ZoomART: Kit includes a dry erase easel, activity book, dry erase markers and crayons. 

ZoonIN: Fill it yourself boxes, perfect for toys or other favorites. 

Future Kits include WeeZOOM, ZoomTEK, ZoomPLAY and ZoomSINK. We are seriously so excited and waiting on pins and needles for the release of these new kits! ZoomKIT would make a wonderful, unique gift for children for any occasion especially with a new school year around the corner. with kids in travel sports, this is going to make our lives so much easier. 

Hop over to and order yours today!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Choozepack Reversible Backpack

*Thanks to the company for sending us the complimentary product featured in this review. All opinions belong to the owners of this site*

Going back to school is a big deal and one of the most important essentials is a backpack. A backpack is a student's most used accessory, accompanying them back and forth to school every single day. It's vital to have a backpack that is high quality and it sure doesn't hurt if it's super cool too so what better way to send them off to a new school year than with a CHOOZEPACK

Chooze is a super cool company that offers unique clothing and accessories to ensure your child goes to school with a style that's all their own. When the adorable Choozepack in Chomp showed up, our soon-to-be kindergartener was thrilled. Each Choozepack features a reversible design so your child can choose which side they want to use each day. They are beyond adorable and such a neat concept!

They offer super fun designs that any child would love to sport for the upcoming school year! The backpacks come in small or large sizes and they also have matching lunchboxes available. 

If you are still on the lookout for an awesome backpack for the new school year, hop over to the Chooze website and check them out. While you are there, you can also browse their cool shoes and other apparel and accessory items. Don't send them back to school with the same lame backpack as everyone else. Send them back with a mom-approved Choozepack!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bring the Doctor to You with Amwell #MomsLoveAmwell

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When you are a busy parent, getting sick is the last thing you have time for. As a super busy Mom of 5 kids ranging in age from 2 months to 13 years, I do my best to stay healthy because it is just so difficult for me to get to the doctor these days. This past week as I was juggling a dozen different Summer activities, it finally happened. I got sick but going to the doctor was something I simply did not have time for. My husband is getting ready for a big surgery, the kids all have sports and activities they need to be at and with my husbands work schedule, I would have to haul our infant to the doctor with me which I try to avoid because I tend to think we pick up more germs in the doctor's office than anywhere else we go. 

Most Moms can totally relate to my story. We know we need to go to the doctor but we simply just don't have the time. Thanks to Amwell this is all changing now!

Amwell, the nation's largest telehealth company, connects users with board-certified, licensed doctors for immediate online visits, day or night, via mobile or your desktop computer. Whether you have general health and wellness concerns or are in need of a licensed behavioral therapist, dietitian or even a prescription refill, Amwell doctors are waiting to help you and you don't even have to leave your home. Most Amwell physicians have an average of 15 years in practice and best of all, they are available 24/7 with NO appointment. This is such a convenience for people who want to put their health first but just can't seem to find the time. My husband works 12 hour days so on work days, he isn't even home during regular physician hours so this is perfect for people like him who can't get to the doctor during their normal times. Before Amwell, if he got sick, he would have to go visit Urgent Care in the evenings which ended up with a long wait and a huge bill. Now he can virtually "see" a doctor ANY time that is convenient for him without even having to leave the house. No more waiting for the doctor to see if they can get you in. No more taking days off work to get to the doctor during office hours. Amwell is truly exactly what busy families today need!

Typical Issues: 

*Sinus Infection
*Sore Throat
*Urinary Tract Infection
*Sprains and Strains
*Respiratory Infection
*Weight Concerns
*Smoking Cessation

The Amwell app is super easy to use. You simply choose the type of visit you need and then select a provider. You can click on the provider and see their area of expertise, where they graduated from, how many years they have in practice, and even find out a little about them personally. They take most major insurers and they are available in 46 states. Amwell is the most popular telehealth app worldwide and the first to be awarded accreditation by The American Telemedicine Association.

 I am still in awe at how easy Amwell was to use. After you choose the type of visit you want, you will get to choose a doctor. It tells you if the doctor is currently available.

You can quickly see the doctors credentials and how many patients they have waiting. 

No more dragging the kids to the doctor to sit in the waiting room for an hour before you even get a room. No more forcing your sick child to get up and dressed and out the door when all they want to do is snuggle at home with Mom. No more making excuses as to why Mom and Dad can't go see the doctor. It is truly making families healthier and happier.

Now, here is the most AMAZING part of this entire post. YOU can get a FREE visit right now with Amwell using coupon code ROLEMOMMY! That's right. Now you really don't have an excuse not to get to the doctor because the doctor can come to you and your first visit is FREE! So whatever is ailing you today, hop on the computer or grab your smart phone and let the physicians at Amwell put you on the road to recovery.

This Mom LOVES Amwell! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

3D Robotics Solo Drone at Best Buy #SoloAtBestBuy

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Are you a lover of the latest and greatest gadgets and technology? If so, you will be stoked to know that you can now find the 3D Robotics Solo Drone at Best Buy! The first drone to be powered by two Linux computers, capturing the perfect shot has never been easier. Best Buy has always been your one stop shop for drones but the arrival of the new Solo by 3D just took it to another level! 

With a video game style controller, you can easily capture amazing footage using Smart Shots including Orbit, Cable Cam, Follow and Selfie. Capturing aerial video and photos has never been so easy!

 You can also watch the recorded footage in hi-def from your attached GoPro on your mobile device up to half a mile away. Purchase the Solo before July 11, 2015 at Best Buy and you will receive a FREE Solo Smart Battery, a $149.99 value!

This is a must have for every tech lover. Hurry to your local Best Buy or visit BestBuy.Com today! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

GoPro HERO + LCD at Best Buy #GoProAtBestBuy

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If you are a fan of GoPro, you will be stoked to know that Best Buy is launching the new GoPro Hero + LCD just in time for Father's Day!  There's no better way to capture those priceless family moments than the new GoPro camera which allows you to catch the moment and then watch it immediately with the LCD display. 


*1080p60 video

*8MP photos 

*Built in Wi-Fi

*Touch Display

*Bluetooth Connect 

From now until June 20th, you can receive a FREE 32GB Extreme Plus memory card with purchase. 

If you purchase the GoPro HERO4 Silver or GoPro HERO4 Black, you will receive a FREE $50 Best Buy Gift Card!

As a Mom, I know how important it is to capture memories that will last a lifetime and the new GoPro is perfect for the job! Hurry to your closest Best Buy today and get Dad something he will really love and appreciate. 

Whether it's a day at the park or at the lake or everywhere in between, life moments deserve to be captured and cherished and the GoPro helps you do just that! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Response Early Pregnancy Test

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As a mother of 5, I can tell you that pregnancy detection technology has drastically changed over the years. We had our first child in 2002 and we just had our newest baby in 2015 and I am still amazed at how things have changed since the birth of our first baby. Thanks to companies like First Response, parents-to-be can find out if they are pregnant or not easier and earlier than ever! I still remember when I took my very first pregnancy test over 13 years ago. I had to wake up and take the test first thing in the morning before I did anything else because the test said that I must use my morning urine for the test to be accurate because that is when the urine would contain the highest levels of hCG (human chorionic gonodotropin) which is what is needed to determine if you are pregnant or not. I remember fumbling with the awkward stick and trying to hold it in my urine stream for several seconds in order for the test to work. It took me several tests before we knew we were pregnant! The first test I took too soon. The second test I dropped in the toilet while I was trying to take the test. Finally on the 3rd try, I took the test and it was positive! By that time I already had a pretty good idea because I was nearly a week past my expected period start date. Thankfully, parents don't have to go through all of that anymore thanks to the First Response Early Pregnancy Test! 

What is not to love about this new technology in pregnancy tests? It features the Comfort Sure Design which includes a curved shape that is designed to fit a woman's hand, a 50% wider tip and a longer handle. It's FDA approved and designed to detect all forms of hCG throughout pregnancy and can be used anytime of day. Best of all, it can be taken as early as six days before the day of your missed period, letting you know as early as possible if you are expecting or not. With easy to read results in less than 3 minutes and over  99% accuracy, this is exactly what hopeful Moms have been waiting for. With a price of $8.99-$15.99, the First Response Early Pregnancy Test is available at all major drugstores, mass and grocery stores. 

If you are planning to become pregnant anytime soon, you will be glad to know that you will not have to go through what many Moms before you did with pregnancy tests. First Response has gone the extra mile to ensure parents can have a positive experience from the very beginning and THAT is worth celebrating! Although I wish this technology had been around back when we first started having children, better late than never! Future moms-to-be can count on First Response! Visit FirstResponse.Com to check out all of their awesome products and tools! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Spread the Love with Huggies #UltraHug for a Chance to Win
#UltraHug Selfie 
Being a Mom is one of the greatest accomplishments that I have had as an adult. My number one priority in life is and will always be doing what's best for my children and that includes raising my kids in a community that is positive and safe. After my husband and I got married nearly 15 years ago, we had our first two children within a couple of years and it was then that we decided to move back to the community that I grew up in. Here where we live, everyone knows everyone. Once named one of the "100 Best Small Towns in America" I was proud to raise my children in the same community that I grew up in. Unfortunately, things have changed over the past several years as heroin has infiltrated our streets, much like it has in similar communities across the country. This small city where we are now raising our children is not the same place that I grew up. When my kids and I take walks through the local park behind our home, it's not uncommon for us to come across used needles. I no longer feel safe letting my kids ride their bicycles around town or leaving our cars unlocked even in our own driveway. Crime has gone up as desperate drug addicts search for means to get their next fix. After several heroin related deaths, our community joined together along with churches, law enforcement, businesses and residents to help clean up our community and get it back to being the wonderful place it was before. One of the efforts has been the House of Hope which we are nominating to win a $2,000 grant from HUGGIES!

The House of Hope is a local non profit organization that was built to do exactly what it sounds like. To give hope to those who are struggling with addiction and to help them transition back into society. Many times when people get out of prison or rehab, they have no choice but to go right back into their old environment which is a recipe for disaster for an addict. The House of Hope offers a place for women to live while they get back on their feet following treatment for addiction. As a mom, I can't imagine being in this situation but I am so grateful that there is a place in my community that cares enough about the family unit that they are willing to reach out and help these women so they can get their lives back together.

Do you have an organization in your community that you would like to nominate to win one of the $2,000 grants that HUGGIES is offering? If so, simply post a selfie with your baby on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #UltraHug and nominate an organization of your choice in your post. Voting will begin on July 6th and the top 10 winners will all receive a $2,000 grant! You must submit your #UltraHug selfie before June 25th so make sure you do it now to avoid missing the deadline! You can find all of the details by clicking here!

Thank you HUGGIES for giving the House of Hope a chance to win and to help this wonderful organization continue helping women turn their lives around.