Welcome to Crazy House Reviews

We’re live! Welcome to Crazy House Reviews! This is gonna be a blast…The name alone will hopefully make you smile. We’re crazy and nuts, but in a good and good-natured way. The issues that we face in my household may sound familiar to you sometimes! For example: Have you ever had questions about something not working correctly in your household that seems like you should understand or know about (but don’t)? Yup. Me too. Example: Like, when a neighbor told me that she started filtering water out of the tap because she suddenly realized that the town puts fluoride into the water and she was appalled. Me too. So, what started out as a very ordinary day (including me just sucking down a couple quarts of water from the tap) became a dive down a rabbit hole so deep that I have since discovered that there are only a few filters that can actually get rid of it (and short of moving to the country and getting my own well, it’s the way it has to be for now). So, more on that later, but it may very well be stuff like that we’ll cover.

Other stuff that I get on the band wagon about includes more general health and diet products. If I find myself interested in something (e.g. going to a gym), you may very well find that I’m going to review supplements or recovery drinks or protein bars, etc.

What about getting ready for storms and stuff like that? If you live in a hurricane-prone area, I KNOW you think about that type of thing.

Anyway, I’m getting WAY ahead of myself here. There is a lot for me to do to launch the posts that I’m lining up, so I’ll leave you for the moment. But, I’ll be back soon! Thanks so much for your time!